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Puer + Carcer → Rubeus (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th June 2024

Puer in the 12th house (Taurus) presents you with the strong urge to do something in order to return you to a state of calmness again. Why are you being so disturbed by everything that’s going on? Your patience can be sorely tried at times and it’s lucky that you have a long fuse this week.

The overarching theme this week will therefore be for you to press on, remaining solidly on the course you have set yourself. This is what will help carry you through.

Carcer in the 5th house (Libra) presents an interesting circumstance. Either some situation is taking a time to resolve itself or, more likely, there is a difficult choice, decision or direction to resolve.

It can be tricky to decide when all the options are balanced, all equally attractive in their own way.

Take your time and slow the process down. Sometimes the simple passage of time will help to reveal the best option as the ‘feel’ of the answer can emerge once it has been sitting in your head and heart for a while.

It is appropriate to mention the first of the two Rogues here: Cauda Draconis also in the 5th house (Libra). Don’t concern yourself with the demands of others in making your choices. The key will be to do what is right for the good of the situation. That is, use your judgment to decide what is best overall.


Follow your star, Enrique Meseguer, Pixabay, (CC0)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (124) in the 10th house (Pisces). Others may try to influence you with emotions and nebulous promises.

New areas to influence others with your thoughts and deeds become available this week. This should be driven by you rather than by someone else’s agenda. Exercise your power with care as some may be taken aback by the strength of your determination and feelings if you reveal your thoughts too plainly.

You do have the power to inspire others to get moving. This is a valuable gift.

The Pars Martii is in the 6th house (Scorpio) and encourages you to resist those who try to play on your sense of duty (again). You’re already clear on what your responsibilities are—they should sling their hook!




The second Rogue is Laetitia in the 8th house (Capricorn). What will draw others to you is your strong empathy to try to help people in need. Your quest for the truth and to remove the suffering of others is admirable. You’ll need to make sure that you are not drawn in too far into their problems though. Don’t mistake how you’d like things to be for how things actually are.


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