Yearly archives: 2023

Last And First | Yule 2023

Thank you if you have been following my weekly Castings. So, here we are at the end and the start of another year! On this page I’ll post the photographs people send of the Last sunset and the First sunrise of the solar year. I’ll keep this page open and […]

Moving Forward

As I imagine many of us will be taken up with Yule, Christmas and New Year for the coming couple of weeks this will be the last Casting of the current year. Don’t worry, the Castings will resume on the 7th January 2024. The Winter solstice occurs at 03:27 Friday, […]

Adding And Subtracting

Albus in the 1st house (Scorpio) indicates that you are trying to get to the heart of the matter. It is something you know you personally need to sort out. Perhaps you are trying to root out the truth from all the false or fake surroundings. You won’t need to […]


It is quite a complex Casting this week. The interplay of forces will play out seeming in several directions at once. Carcer in the 4th house (Aquarius) seems to be putting a bit of a concentration on matters at home this week. The combination of Carcer’s control and limitation with […]

A Time Of Greatness

  Fifth time lucky! We finally succeeded in Touching the Hair of the Goddess this week. Sometimes we just have to bend to nature and work with the weather she gives us in a season:   Leaping about    Touching ______________________ Via in the 10th house (Leo) is a sign […]