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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 25th March 2013

Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 25-03-2013

Caput Draconis in the twelfth (Pisces) is in opposition to Carcer in the sixth (Virgo) in an Expanding pattern.

Geomantic Divination

This is a time when you will be surrounded by an unusually large flow of inspiration from outside.  This won’t be just a flash in the pan either.  You should be able to open yourself up to a wave of new ideas and intuitions.  Times like this don’t happen all that often, so make the most of it if you can.

Caput Draconis suggests that external inspiration, probably related to things you are already working on, will be pouring into and around you this week.  Given that the geome is in the twelfth and in Pisces you’ll probably also find off-shoot ideas which you’ll wonder if you’ll ever have the time to implement.  There will also be some maddeningly tantalizing ideas which you’ll have no idea how to implement and still others which you’ll have no idea where they might fit at the moment!

To receive all this you just need to open your heart and centre to them and accept them as the gift they are.  Be receptive.  Allow yourself the glorious threesome of stillness, silence and solitude and allow the ideas to flow.

Failing that, make sure at least that you have a pen and paper with you at all times this week.  You’ll never know when an idea will suddenly be sparked off. You’ll need to note it down as fast as you can.  You’ll need to make the most of all this inspiration because you never know when it might stop.

If you are particularly receptive you may find it difficult to cope with all the intuitions and imagination, but if you weren’t ready you wouldn’t get so much all at once.  Learn fast and adapt – it’s good for you!  Not only that, but Carcer in opposition will make sure that you are well paced and placed to be able to cope.

Carcer’s association with Saturn (and in the sixth) will also be pushing you to take the ideas and to make them practical, workable and usable.  In fact, it is likely that this urge to work on the new thoughts is what will slow or halt this meteor shower of inspiration in the first place.

This is entirely natural.  You can’t be in creative mental mode and analytical or practical mode at the same time.  As soon as you start to start to work on the practical implications the creative mood tends to de-tune and to be put into abeyance.  However, all these ideas will help you if you let them.

The opposition of the geomes is interesting.  It suggests that you will need to work on the ideas in order to get the best from them – they won’t all be fully-formed implementable solutions to your problems just yet!  While they may be solid chunks of inspiration you will still need to slowly chip away the ‘irrelevant’ or the ‘points you can’t apply’ in order to reveal the shining core of the pure idea within.   That is true value of the inspiration with which you’ll be able to work.

Carcer’s double taps at positions two and three show that you will need to internalise all this inspiration:  to think it over and find the practical uses.  Play with the ideas, test them and mould them to your needs.  The key here is to gain experience with these new thoughts and ideas – don’t rush to apply them straight away.  Carcer always wants progress slowly, so take your time.

As Carcer is in Virgo you may find that much of the practical outcome of your thoughts runs along Virgoan lines and outlets:  Being more efficient and organised; to improvements and changes in your job; in duty towards others; in health or with pets and in all aspects of service of some kind towards others.

Take control of your Destiny

The addition of the geomes gives us the Active Transform Cauda Draconis (234). This again emphasises the need to keep all these new avenues of thought to yourself for the time being.  Don’t rush to tell others too soon.  You will have enough to do in the refining and testing without input from others.  Their comments, even their non-verbal reaction, can seriously cramp your creative urges if you share with them too soon.

Look for new connections and new applications.  Test things quickly while it’s all still fresh in your mind.  Make lots of notes.

The single taps in positions 2 and 3 indicate the testing phase – there will be a lot to learn and to think about.  Look at not just the new idea but also at its implications and possibilities.  The double taps at the bottom of the geome give us perhaps the most direct way of applying the inspiration:  Use it to ‘find a new or expanded audience’ – whatever that might mean for your particular interests.


Early man sees lightning strikes the old tree.

The tree burns, giving out light and warmth.

When the fire dies down we look for other ways to make fire – and to use it.


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