The Sixteen Hundred

These are the people who are making Geomantic history

I thought it would be helpful if I listed all The Sixteen Hundred in one place so the list could be easily accessed. If you don’t know what The Sixteen Hundred is about, please click HERE and all will be revealed! These are the people who are at the forefront of the Geomantic Cause.

Number Family Name (initials) Location Photo
1 Fortuna Major NT Huddersfield, UK
2 Puer RK Pagney, France
3 Fortuna Major SD Colchester, UK
4 Conjunctio SB Virginia, USA
5 Carcer CB Bristol, UK
6 Rubeus JG Bristol, UK
7 Albus ARW Tennessee, USA
8 Carcer CB Toronto, Canada
9 Puella AMC Bristol, UK
10 Albus SS Seoul, South Korea
11 Via CC San Juan, Puerto Rico
12 Laetitia LJFW Portland, USA
13 Albus JH White City, USA
14 Laetitia KS Delaware, USA
15 Via AJ Cornwall, UK
16 Laetitia MW Devizes, UK
17 Fortuna Major RG Phoenix, USA
18 Laetitia MW Millswood, Australia
19 Rubeus EP Connecticut, USA
20 Albus TS Devizes, UK
21 Via LG Bristol, UK
 22  Caput Draconis  AJD  Swindon, UK
 23  Populus MP Hayle, UK
 24 Conjunctio TW  Altlanta, USA
25 Carcer JRI South Carolina, USA
 26  Amissio  SC Parcieux, France
 27  Amissio MJE Antipolo, Philippines
 28 Rubeus AI Bucharest, Romania
 29 Laetitia  JM York, UK
30  Albus  PK Kent, UK
 31 Tristitia  RB Orlando, USA
32 Fortuna Minor PJJ Michigan, USA
33 Puella Yangjiang, China
34 Laetitia MLP Monterey Peninsula, CA




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