Monthly archives: May 2022

Travel To The Future

There is a single main message from the Casting this week, plus a couple of side comments. Albus in the 9th house (Capricorn) is conjunct to Populus. This means that the Active Transform is also in the 9th house. The Casting’s interpretation only really becomes clear when the Pars Mercurii […]

Powerful Idea

Lots of change in the Mental Realm this week with Aquarius, 3rd house and Libra all playing a role. Via in the 10th house (Aquarius) is an imaginative influence, powerfully placed to provide potential in many areas. The four single Taps of Via suggest a flower about to explode outwards […]

A Mental Fork In The Road

An interesting Casting this week! While the geomes are the same as last week they came out in the reverse order, which means they have a different Active Transform. Everything else changed, too: signs, houses, angles and the Pars. Let’s take a look:   Acquisitio in the 3rd house (Cancer) […]

Clear Water

Rubeus in the 5th house (Leo) shows that in your social relationships or in your romantic dealings you are most likely to see some changes this week. In turbulent times we usually and naturally seek stability. In the current Flow we try to find what is more stable and try […]

Pushing Things Along

Today is the first of May, so we went to Brandon Hill in Bristol this morning in order to witness the Dancing up of the Sun. This is when the Morris men start dancing from before dawn to ensure that the Sun comes up. The weather was a little damp […]