Rubeus + Rubeus → Populus (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd November 2019

This week sees a very strong message from Flow. You are likely to find it applying in several areas of your life and to various extents…

Rubeus in the fifth house (Aquarius) is going to produce some pretty unconventional thinking for you. Given that it is in the fifth house this might easily indicate some unusual social activity or friendships. You might also be tempted to take more of a gamble on things than you would do otherwise. There is both danger and help in that, however.

The danger comes from the square aspect: Your advances will not always seem welcome to all. But you know what? Those that don’t like it are not who you need to convince. Don’t seek to convert but to inspire instead. Closed doors are likely to be firmly closed doors for the moment. Look for the thoughtful and the interested instead.

The help comes later in the week as Flow moves on…

The Pars Plutii is in the 10th house (Cancer). This indicates that you have been holding back for fear of jeopardising your chances. Certainly a degree of caution is to be exercised this week. It is important not to get carried away. But by the same token drive forward when you see the chance. You must make sure that it really is a chance, but once you see that it is definitely there, go for it! Find where — and who — you can move forward and push there.

Rubeus in the eighth house (Taurus) will bring some much-needed practicality and stability to your drive. It takes the obsessive need to move things forward and turns it into thoughtful, deep and deliberate change. Now your chances could just end there, but there is more you can do with them.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (2) in the 11th house (Leo). There is some important further information here. It shows that you need to keep away from the ‘trivially social’ and to look for the ‘deeply meaningful’ instead. Flirting with ideas is no good to you. What you need right now takes passion! Riding the wave of these rhythms of passion is more flamenco than disco!

Flamenco, Grifmo, Flickr, (CC BY 2.0)

Don’t waste time if others are being frivolous. Look elsewhere to let your passion show. Matters are too important to let your drive be wasted on lightweight matters or people.

Deep thoughts become strong actions become firm friends.




There were two Rogues this week:

Puer in the 11th house (Leo) and Aquisitio in the fourth house (Capricorn). These reinforce the overall (and therefore greatly increased) feeling of Flow in all your affairs this week:

Take what resources you’ve got around you: at home, your skills, from your mother(!?), what you’ve naturally got, and so on, and get ready to use them. They will help you feel comfortable in what you need to do. Be solid.

And when you get the chance to ‘go and do’, don’t hold back. Put yourself out there. Let people know who and what you are.

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Thank you.


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