Monthly archives: June 2021

Knight Defender

Following on from last week’s post, at the Summer Solstice last Monday we planted out the trees we had grown from seed. And here they are in their new homes: Horse-chestnut Oak Maple Silver birch   It’s interesting to think of having given them a start in life and forever […]


It is the Summer Solstice tomorrow in the UK (0432 BST). As regular readers will know we’ll be planting out the trees. These are the trees grown from seed collected when we ‘Touched the hair of the Goddess’ last year. The wheel turns… __________________ The semi-sextile aspect between the geomes […]


Populus is the dominant influence throughout the Casting. It was both the first and second geome cast and therefore also gave rise to the same Active Transform. In a situation like this you can’t help but think that the message should be clear. Indeed it is. We have to consider […]


Again we see a Venusian influence in the 8th house. But this week matters will be moving on… Puella in the 8th house (Sagittarius) indicates that the need for thought indicated in Flow in the last Casting is now moving from the planning stage to the firm resolve stage. In […]