Monthly archives: August 2021

Staying Aware

Albus in the 6th house (Capricorn) suggests that a state of focus will prevail this week. You may therefore find yourself devoted to a particular idea or notion which you feel duty bound to stick to. You may also feel that hard practical work is the only way for things […]

Powerful Currents

Carcer in the 8th house (Pisces) indicates that what at first seems difficult or challenging this week will eventually resolve itself. Matters should not be forced by you, however, but neither should you simply let things unfold without assistance. It just means that you should not press or insist. Matters […]


Tristitia in the 4th house (Scorpio) shows that you need to prepare for the unexpected at home this week. This needs some clarification, however. To do so we need to look at the Pars. The Pars Uranii is in the 5th house (Sagittarius). This shows that there is a ‘chance’ […]

Plan And Check

Happy Lithia (as of yesterday) to you all! Lithia is the Festival of First Fruits, the start of the harvest season and the first day of Autumn.   The same geomes were drawn as last week, but this time in different houses with a different aspect, a shift in the […]

Steadfast 2

The conjunction of the geomes in the 12th house (Gemini) this week indicates that much will be happening at an unconscious level. While these forces may therefore initially seem hidden they will have a significant driving force on your thinking—and actions—in general. Conjunctio in the 12th house (Gemini) indicates that […]