Monthly archives: October 2021


The Moon features significantly in the Casting this week. This means there is likely to be a strong emotional component to proceedings this week.   Via in the 9th house (Gemini) indicates significant growth potential in travel, links and communication with others are all available this week. Ideas and principles […]

Run With It

  Amissio in the 6th house (Pisces) is conjunct to the second geome, Laetitia, and the Active Transform. This indicates that Flow will concentrating developments in a particular area this week. Amissio indicates that your work, job or whatever occupation or project you choose in life will likely see the […]

Push It

This week international storyteller and Astrogemer Sam Cannarozzi* returned from Denmark bearing the fruit of his efforts to Touch the Hair of the Goddess. This little leaf literally fell into his lap during his travels.     I must also mention Phil D, another Astrogemer who let me know that […]

Getting Cooperation

Success! The weather has been perfect today. A short walk brought us to a gossamer covered field with a lovely Lime tree. There was just enough wind to bring down the occasional leaf… The Goddess has been Touched!   _____________________ Amissio in the 7th house (Pisces) starts off the Casting […]

Practical And Basic

  We have now entered that time of year again where we aim to Touch the Hair of the Goddess. We’ll be popping out this afternoon to try our luck… Please do send me photos of your successes and I’ll share them her on the site. _____________________   The indications […]