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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 17th November 2014


I’m going to add something new to the readings this week, Rogues… see their interpretation later in the Debrief section.

It might feel as though you’ve been pretty inspired recently.  The start of the week indicates that this mood is likely to continue at least for a little while longer.

And while you might be pleased at the progress you can make and how readily you can translate ideas into action it may still feel as though you are running just to keep in the same place.  That said, you may feel that you enjoy the physical effort as much as the new ideas.

Later in the week the Flow shows that while your overall intentions may remain the same you are likely to find that the mood around you shifts.  It will shifts subtly at first but then with increasing pace.

This change in mood will represent a lightening of the current environment for you.  Things which were dragging should become more pleasant.  Responsibilities are likely to be seen in a different and wider context.

If you want to tune yourself in to Flow then this is a good opportunity.  Aim to feel the shift in mood around you.  While everything still seems to be going along in much the same track as before it will probably feel as if (for visually orientated people) that your local landscape is being painted with deeper and richer colours.  If you are more of a feeling and emotional person you might feel this as a blossoming of the potential around you – a warmth, a softening of the events surrounding your life.

This will feel like some of the drudgery has been removed.  Projects should feel less like hard work and more like working to progress that you want.  In other words, less heat, less pressure and more action.


Take control of your Destiny


The real benefit of this comes from allowing that Flow to guide where you take your efforts next.  If you leave it at the ‘everything is getting better’ stage then that might feel nice.  But it fails to make the most of the situation.

You’ll find that if you really let yourself go and submerge into the Flow you will be able to lose yourself and create significant new partnerships and ways of working with others.

The key will be to stop thinking about yourself and what you have to do and instead to surrender to thinking about how to make things better for others. 

If you can do that you will be able to take your ideas as far as they can go.  You will experience a depth and richness that you didn’t expect.

Build on the great foundation that you have built up.  See it more from others’ perspective.  You will find that they will work with you to complete what you need.

This is not simply consideration.

This is union.




Rogues: I am going to start indicating if there are any ‘Rogues’ when I do the casting.  Rogues are what I call gemstones / geomes which make themselves known somewhere during the divination.  When using gemstones they may slip out of my hand, slide out of the casting pouch, etc.  If I am using the Oracle cards then a rogue may be a card which accidentally falls on to the table during the mixing of the cards.

This week two rogues appeared: Via and Caput Draconis.  I read Rogues singly rather than in combination or addition.  These indicate the fantastic potential which is available this week.  This potential will only be seen however if you actively seek inspiration.

Go somewhere.  Do something.  Meet someone.

And don’t just be passive when you do.  Engage with your surroundings and in conversations and actively provoke interest in the things you and others are working on.


Acquisitio doubled up in the chart this week.  This gives an ideal opportunity to observe Flow as it affects just the house context.  All the taps remain the same but how those taps are expressed in the circumstances around the geomes will change.

Note the difference during the week from the heavy and earthy Capricorn particularly as it relates to the double taps at Level 3 and how this changes to the much more creative and softer Pisces in the fifth via the sextile.

This could be pleasant in and of itself but if you are following the Geomantic Way you will want to be able to take this further.  You can do that by noting how the double taps at Level 1 and Level 3 translate in the Active Transform to the two other levels then Populus (24).

What this means in practice is that you have to move away from just considering yourself and what you are doing in relation to you.  You will likely only be able to grow what you have now into something complete if you consider, work with and nurture your efforts with the input from others.

The fact that the Active Transform is in Taurus still lends and earthy and practical feel to our actions but it is mainly driven by the soft lunar influence of Populus and the cooperation and collaboration of the seventh house.

This represents a coming home and union of our ideas when we think and act for the benefit of others.


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