Monthly archives: April 2022

Steady At The Helm

The helpful and beneficial nature of Flow continue this week, in some ways following on from the influences of last week. Acquisitio in the 5th house (Leo) indicates that chance external contacts and conversations are likely to prove useful to you this week. If you are trying to convince someone […]

Opening Treasures

This coming Friday is Earth Day. Whether you are planting a tree or simply helping to clean the environment, know that you can make a difference in the world. For more information see here: ___________________ Cauda Draconis in the 2nd house (Taurus) indicates that you will be focusing a […]

A New Kind Of Cake

Tristitia in the 10th house (Capricorn) suggests a fast or certainly an unexpected change in circumstances is likely this week. You may find that this is a bit of a challenge to your capabilities at first. Perhaps you are offered a chance to shine with a special task. It may […]

Going Deep

This week a trine between the geomes shows Flow having the potential to go very deep. Exactly how deep will be up to you. Tristitia in the 3rd house (Taurus) shows a change in the ‘relation of relations’. You are likely to see a positive change in the communication with […]