Monthly archives: November 2023

A Time Of Greatness

  Fifth time lucky! We finally succeeded in Touching the Hair of the Goddess this week. Sometimes we just have to bend to nature and work with the weather she gives us in a season:   Leaping about    Touching ______________________ Via in the 10th house (Leo) is a sign […]

Shift In Perspective

We have made four attempts to Touch the Hair of the Goddess—so far without success—though we did meet some interesting, if sodden, people on one of our outings. We persevere.   Carcer in the 2nd house (Sagittarius) gives rise to a question: Is it still slow in coming? Are you […]

Mirror, mirror

Yet again the first house features in the Casting! While last week’s Casting indicated ‘fullness’ of the process, this week Flow seems to be offering the way forward after the completion. It suggests that you cannot stop once you reach the end result of your deliberations. Now they need to […]


The first house (Ascendant) has featured in every Casting since the 17th of September. This is surely significant from the point of view of Flow, indicating that much of life is currently concerned with your perspective on what is happening. This could lead to a good deal of self-analysis, reflection […]