How To Remove The Deadly Frustration Of Unfinished Business

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Acquisitio + Cauda Draconis → Puella (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th June 2016


Sam Cannarozzi wrote to me the other day. He’s the 26th member of the 1600 and a professional storyteller — a great profession for someone who gives geomantic readings! As a storyteller he’s going to tell stories at the Dream Fest in France this July.


Conjunctio: Face to face with Sam

Conjunctio: Face-to- face with Sam


“I’ll be telling and listening to stories from people from all over. The organisers have asked what each storyteller might contribute.

“It’s all pretty informal but sometimes very profound. There will be performances, exchanges, workshops and something which just grabs the spirit! After a late night ritual the storytellers each have to share their dreams the next morning over breakfast.”


So how do you link your dreams with everyone else’s?

How do you show the interconnectedness of mankind?


“I’m proposing to tell star stories (sky) and give geomantic readings (earth)…”


In the meantime he attached a picture of himself practicing to a somewhat unresponsive audience. 🙂 Actually it seems to show the spirit of storytelling face-to-face to me… and it even looks to me like a geome — Conjunctio!

Conjunctio (3cm)



Acquisitio in the first house (Gemini) provides a strong desire for expansion and to want to spread your message. You seem to know where you want to go.

This combination could be associated with travel both far and near. But it is more likely that it is your words and ideas that want to travel.

You know you have everything you really need, but for some reason you feel torn. Maybe you feel able to move or maybe you are starting to move, but you still feel in two minds about things.

The reason for this is the placement of the second geome Cauda Draconis in the 10th house (Pisces) which is providing a drag on proceedings. This gives the feeling that you need to be clearer and to decide something. It is that nagging feeling that if you go before you are ready then matters could easily slip out of your control. This, however, is an illusion. Don’t get taken in!

The reason for your two minds is not any indecision on your part but rather because an external factor is, perhaps selfishly, holding you back. This means that you needn’t look inside yourself for the way forward. In fact you are probably quite aware of why you don’t feel you are making the progress you could.

It is this external factor which is saying that you need to give careful thought to your duty first. Specifically, that there is some unfinished business you need to attend to.

At first this seems that you are in the middle of a never-ending story! It can feel like you have responsibility for things that you have been called upon to do, but you can be sure that it is not without end!

What you want to get on with is likely to be hampered because you can’t realistically break free of something you signed up for a long time ago.

But take heart. It is not without end. It’s just feels agonisingly slow in getting there.

A bitter taste in the mouth seems to last longer than sweetness ever does.



Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puella (24) in the seventh house (Sagittarius). A simple interpretation of this would be simply to find support from others.

But we can do better than that.

The new Taps at Levels 2 and 4 show that the support we need is from people who have been in a similar situation. Find those people who can give you a realistic outside perspective. You will benefit from their objectivity.

Know that you can do it because they have done it. Take strength from their endurance, even if not directly from the details of their experiences.

Hard may hurt, but won’t harm.

Happily, hopeful helps.




There was one wrote this week: Laetitia in the third house (Leo).

Patience! Matters need to reach their natural conclusion and climax.


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Thank you.


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