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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd February 2015


I thought it would be fun to use a different method of creating the geomes this week. This time I’m using old English pennies.

I’m taking ‘Heads’ to represent two taps and ‘Tails’ to represent one tap. With four coins and one die we are ready to go. In the figure above I’ve shown the ‘translation’ of coins to geome and then geome to planet. Knowing that the ascendant is Aquarius (that’s where the Sun is at this time of the year) then gives us the signs for the two houses.


Here we see you putting in a lot of effort and, importantly, detail into life at the moment. This can seem very painstaking and very slow.

And while it may involve others in its final outcome there is only really you at the sharp end who can sort it all out.

People may be forgiven for thinking that you are somewhat self-absorbed. But they’d be wrong. It’s called concentration!

Given the placement of the geomes this week I would not be at all surprised to find you involved in some form of official or legal work. This may involve some serious duty to others or obligation to authority. Whichever, it is likely to involve some serious thinking and focused action on your part.

Later in the week we see that the Flow tends to more physical output. This is likely to mean that you’ll have to create actual physical results, that is, completing a finished product or result – or at least a long way towards it.

It’s likely that the work you’ve been putting in will have some significant and far-reaching consequences. The nature of these consequences may well be foreign or overseas, but most likely the work you are doing will carry your words and thoughts far in people’s minds, even if not in location.


Take control of your Destiny


Once you have plumbed the depths of the matter and have been able to start clearing the thoughts and processes to achieve results it may seem as though fate takes a hand.

You’ll have the opportunity to spark ideas in other people and to have them spark ideas for you. Make the most of it.

Had you not been involved in the detail and clarified the situation it would have been too muddy for others to understand.

One thing to keep in mind will be how what you are doing and planning fits with your overall dreams.

Don’t settle for the mundane. You need to be thinking about your long-term plans and starting to build more on the foundations.

The deeper you go this week the deeper the results will pay off.




There were no Rogues this week.




Carcer in the eighth house is going to carry over the Scorpio influence to the 10th. This is an interesting combination as we have both a Contracting Flow (showing a concentration of energy and focus), with a weakly beneficial aspect, (the semi-sextile).

My feeling is that the Contraction of the Flow is going to be the significant and deciding influence here rather than the aspect.

The casting gives an interesting ‘tide’ with regard to the Saturnine influence in the eighth Flowing to the higher authority influences and output required of Cauda Draconis in the ninth. The Active Transform, Caput Draconis (14) helps relieve some of this duty and pressure by helping us to link our efforts to our wider goals and ambitions.


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