Monthly archives: June 2022

Steady And True

  Amissio in the 10th house (Pisces) might initially be thought of as a difficult placement. However, in the current Flow it can actually be a positive sign. It indicates that any seeming setbacks can be a useful redirection. Specifically, it means that you can get what you want but […]

Remove The Clutter

Puer in the 2nd house (Cancer) taken together with the opposition aspect shows that there are several challenges which need to be met this week. This is not necessarily a bad or difficult thing. It simply means that some decisions will need to be made and actions (finally) taken over […]

An Opportunity To Progress

Opportunities to work together will improve this week, going from ‘wanting to’ to ‘planning to’. Albus in the 2nd house (Cancer) shows that there seems to be an increasing chance to be able to put your mind at rest this week. This is most likely to concern some money-worries that […]

A Helping Hand

The Casting this week applies to you offering help. If the interpretation does not immediately resonate with you there will be a slight adjustment that will need to be made. All will become clear as you go through it… Conjunctio in the 5th house (Virgo) shows that you will be […]