Free Templates

These are Astrogem Charts which you are free to print off for your own use. Right click on either the link (to download the pdf) or on the diagram (to download the jpg) and then ‘Save’ or ‘Save link as’ to your computer. They are free for your own use, but you may not distribute or sell them to others. Here is a short video showing how I use the charts with a Pendulum:



A. Reading Record (full) This chart allows you to record the reading for the client or your own future reference, and can be used not only to record the figures, but also the aspects , left witness, right witness, judge and reconciler. Reading Record (full) (PDF Format)

(JPG Format)


B. Astrogem Casting Chart You can use this chart to lay out the gemstones while you are giving the reading. If you wish you can laminate it for extra durability. Astrogem Casting Chart (PDF format)

(JPG Format)


C.  Reading Record (short) For shorter and less involved or less complex readings then you may find the shorter version of the record more useful: Reading Record (short) (PDF Format)

(JPG Format)


D.  Dowsing Charts for Geomancy You can use these charts to find out which geome should go in which house by using a Pendulum.  This is great as a portable tool if you don’t have your gemstones with you (and why don’t you have your gemstones with you, may I ask?). Print off either the PDF or JPG format of either the round house format or the square geomantic format and then use your Pendulum to select a geome and the house into which it ‘belongs’ to answer your, or the client’s, question. Here is the PDF:  Pendulum Chart 1A


And here is the same file as a JPG:


Here is the second type of Dowsing Chart format as a PDF file:   Pendulum Chart 2A


And here it is as a JPG: