You Must Try To Get It Wrong

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 17th February 2014

What is it you want to buy?

With Laetitia in the fourth it’s almost certain that you are looking to improve your surroundings at the moment.  Given that the geome in Taurus – looking for dependability and practical solidity – and in the house of the home then it’s likely that you are looking to improve your base camp in some way.

Laetitia’s single tap in the first Level means that this is likely to be physically driven but with some ideas of your own.  You’re not looking for a magazine show-home spread then, but a place in which you want to, and can, feel more comfortable.

The problem – and it’s common with Conjunctions – is that this is a bit of a melting pot where things never quite work out the way you thought.  In this case it is probably because they are not what they seem.

Getting things in order is not the same as bringing harmony.  Organised rows of office blocks can be ordered, but they are not often harmonious in their design.  And something can be harmonious without being ordered, of course.  You only have to think of the personal quirks in a person that you love to realise that.

It’s important not to give up, however. . . this is important.

Keep on keeping on

It is the fact of trying to get it right and continuing to get things wrong which will make you ultimately successful.

But only if you persevere.

If you feel like giving up because it’s not turning out right it is probably that you are putting in the wrong kind of effort.

But you must keep trying.

If you give up then Laetitia and its association with Neptune will just let you wallow in imagination and might-be’s.  Fortuna Minor will let you try some changes too little and allow you to press others too much – and neither approach will work.  Too little and it makes no difference.  Too much and you’ll get a clash.

What is needed is something radically new.

Take control of your Destiny

It is only by adding the geomes and seeing the direction of the Flow that we can find a way out of this trap:

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, February, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Rubeus (2)

The problem is that you are probably thinking too physically and practically (thanks to the placement in Taurus).

What the Active Transform Rubeus (2) shows is that you need to be thinking in terms of purpose:  What are you trying to achieve?

Instead of trying to fit things together to make the overall picture look right use the reverse approach.  Have the outcome you are looking for clearly in mind.  Then and only then do those things / move them around / get or throw away what does not fit that overall objective.

But it seems that we only get to fully understand this by realising how frustrating any other approach turns out to be.

It is by the honing process of trying to get it right that will make this new approach understandable.  And be recognised as the solution when it occurs.


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