Monthly archives: May 2023

Homing In

Laetitia in the 10th house (Aquarius) indicates that you are in a very creative and imaginative atmosphere this week. This could manifest itself as matters seeming to swirl round in an uncertain way or it may be that you are trying (or needing) to be creative. It all comes down […]

Enough To Do

Overall there are some strong forces in play this week. The dynamism of the Sun in the area of personal perfection is going to be restrained by local changes and the desire (or need) for safety and security. Submerging these conflicting demands could easily lead to worry as to whether […]

A New Town

Via in the 8th house (Sagittarius) indicates that births and other new starts are likely to figure significantly for you this week. For a few this will mean the potential for some deep inner journey or internal work to be done. The advice for you is that what seems at […]

Golden Thread

Albus in the 11th house (Aquarius) shows an increasing likelihood of acquaintances, friends and contacts offering you creative—perhaps even unusual—ideas and approaches to life’s problems this week. It also seems likely that you will come across something new in the way of connections, too. It may be an advance in […]