Monthly archives: March 2023

Impose Your Will

This week you need to keep a clear head and focus. It is a week calling for caution in a number of areas. It is likely you could gain help from an unusual source, so keep yourself open to new possibilities. Laetitia in the 1st house, (Pisces), shows that you […]


Conjunctio in the 1st house (Pisces) indicates that you will be being a channel for what you want to happen in your life this week. New ideas will be floating around and new possibilities will occur to you. Not only that but it seems like the way to achieve whatever […]

Let It Appear

Outwardly things may seem to say the same, but it is the impulse to act on new opportunity which changes. Albus in the 12th house (Aquarius) indicates a state of mind in which you are mulling over exactly what to do or that you are looking for ideas. Perhaps the […]


An opposition aspect being ‘good’? Yes! The anvil resists the hammer’s blow and the metal gets shaped in between. When you resist distractions this week you will find that the resulting energy allows you to be very productive. Rubeus in the 11th house (Sagittarius) may make you wonder what you […]