Monthly archives: February 2023

Good Bedside Manner

Laetitia in the 12th house (Capricorn) suggests that some hidden motives could be revealed this week. It will likely need charm and persistence to get to them, however. If you’re working with (on?) others you will need charm, but if working on yourself you just need to stop pressuring yourself […]


Via in the 2nd house (Pisces) represents the start of a whole new series of potential opportunities this week. That can sound like a great thing but given the square aspect of the Casting there is going to be more to the situation than first appearances. The sea of possibilities […]


This is a very unusual Casting this week. Not only was the same geome, Populus, Cast for both parent geomes but this also gave Populus as the Active Transform. You may have also noticed that ‘Rogues’ are fairly uncommon in Castings generally. A rogue occurs when a geome ‘makes itself […]

Light The Fuse

This week, old-established hopes and dreams will benefit from being revitalised in partnership with helpful friends (in high places). Channelled in the right way they can drastically change what’s going on around you. Carcer is in the 11th house (Sagittarius). Given the very positive trine aspect in the Casting, Carcer […]