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Astrogem Oracle Cards

Astrogem Oracle Cards

Astrogem Oracle Cards

The original Astrogem Oracle cards.  Each card shows a geome, gemstone, planetary correspondence, zodiac sign, key word meanings and ‘iconic image’ of the meaning.

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The cards may be used as a memory aid to learn the full system or to give readings in their own right.  Simple and straightforward to use.  They are light and easy to carry allowing you to give readings any time, anywhere.

Astrogem Oracle Cards, pack of 32 cards (16 duplicates)

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Astrogem Oracle Cards Manual

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The manual provides a details of the Astrogem Oracle card system.  It presents the essentials of the Four Levels model, Flow, the house meanings and the signs of the zodiac.

Several methods of laying out the cards are described with the use in applications of each layout – from single cards through to full 12-card spreads.

There are useful sections on how to tap into your intuition and how to combine the Oracle cards with other forms of divination.

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Astrogem Geomantic Divination 

This textbook contains all the information you need to start performing Astrogem Geomantic readings using the Astrogem Geomantic Divination system.

Contents include:

  • The astrological meanings of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Planetary Aspects
  • Which gemstones correspond to which Geomantic figure (geome) and planet
  • How to choose your gemstones
  • The classical meanings of the geomes
  • How to learn the geomes
  • The Four Levels model
  • The geomantic Flow
  • Turning the geomes into a reading
  • General pointers about giving readings, including ethics, structuring questions and timescales
  • Sixteen types of readings under four main headings: Yes/No questions, How a situation might be developing, the Narrative reading and Character readings

The book describes the basic principles of astrology and a much more detailed description and application of geomancy.  Suitable for the experienced reader novice alike.  The core of the system is easy to learn giving you a reading system at your fingertips for life.

“All told, the author gives the reader a complete toolbox for a new system of divination using planets, signs, houses, aspects, and geomes in a coherent manner.  Astrogem Geomantic Divination is well-written, clear in style and layout and presents the reader with a solid base for this style of divination.  Examples and descriptions fill the book, and Dr. Cross makes it easy to grasp the subject matter with meditations and guidelines to arrive at interpretations, while still leaving room for inspiration and intuition.”
The Digital Ambler
“The most ground-breaking advance in geomancy since the Renaissance.”
Richard Webster, Psychic and Author, New Zealand

There are now two versions of this textbook available:

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The Second version is the Collector’s Edition and has some additional quality and features:

Colour photographs of each of the gemstones

Has a heavier, satin-feel, matte cover

Has higher quality production materials (paper, ink, binding)

Is privately printed

Can be signed and dedicated to the owner

(Note:  Both versions of the book contain the same text.)

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