Fall Into It

Laetitia + Albus → Amissio (1)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd January 2021

This week sees a remarkable conjunction in the Casting with a clear and simple message. The addition of a Rogue completes the meaning usefully and wonderfully.

Laetitia in the ninth house (Leo) is conjunct with Albus. The way to understand this therefore is to look at the movement of the Taps in relation to the house and the sign.

So, what was (Laetitia) ‘aspirational and hoped for’ now needs you to (Albus) ‘take your foot off the accelerator’.

It seems that you have achieved sufficient momentum and now you are in a position to be able to coast. (This coasting will need, perhaps, a little tweak every now and again and maybe even a little correction on the steering wheel, but you should largely allow matters to develop on their own now.)

The Pars Neptunii in the first house (Sagittarius) effects suggests that you need to keep yourself out of the process. Matters should be allowed to develop and to come together in their own way. You can think of this as allowing the meal to cook. This is the time when an overall new flavour can be allowed to be created from the individual flavours. Allow the synthesis its time and space to occur.

It seems that either the mystical, hidden or secret knowledge suggested by both Sagittarius and the ninth house will manifest itself in the physical world—or that you have been employing search thinking to achieve your ends. Either way it might seem as though fate is taking a hand.

Just let it happen.

Fall into it.

Fall Into It, Ibrahim Rifath, Unsplash (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform Amissio (1) is also in the ninth house. This gives an intriguing deeper interpretation. It takes the influence of the single tap in Laetitia and the single tap in Albus to show that the focus will still be on the external mental and your internal physical resources. Given the new Tap at Level 1 you will need to practise keeping out of your own way in order to let the momentum of events flow properly.

This can be a learning experience if you let it. Combined with the interpretation of the Pars you really will have to resist the urge to gild the lily, fiddle with the details or to try to make changes and improvements. This is the time to allow things already in motion to manifest.




There was a Rogue in the Casting: Populus also in the ninth house! This placement reinforcing the message comes as no great surprise. But it does give an additional important meaning to the Casting: You must allow things to come to their full conclusion.

It should be fairly clear when the fullness has been reached.

If you are in Flow then you will know.

As you have sown, so shall you reap.

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