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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th October 2014


Listen out for this during the week: “I thought you’d like it; I’m just trying to be helpful!”  Well, yes they are, but it’s not the help you need right now.  You can’t blame them because you have been giving out some very firm signals of late.  And people close to you will want to try and help.

What was there to misunderstand?  Well for a start this is a time which requires you to do things rather than to think about things, particularly as the week progresses.  And even kindly-intentioned sentiments will felt to be in the way.

Given that the aspect between the geomes is a square you will find it useful to just take the sentiments at face value.  While you may feel that people are interfering they are not.  People close to you this week have a genuine and deep affection and are – seriously – only trying to help.  You may need that support soon enough, so it will pay to be charitable in your response!

What you really need to be concerned with is getting your own resources in order.  To others this will seem that you’re going your own sweet way.  In reality it’s just that you have a very clear picture of exactly what you need at the moment.  Anything less than the exactly right tool for the job will probably be seen by you as an unhelpful distraction.

Is likely that your best approach will be to provide explanations as to why you are doing what you’re doing rather than to get into long arguments about why other people’s ideas are wrong.  This may take some effort on your part but it will be effort well spent.


Take control of your Destiny


At first it may seem as though their ideas and your desire for action are irreconcilable, but that is not the case.  It’s going to be important to keep the dialogue between you healthy and happy.  The reason for this is there are good and bad points in both their suggestions and your desire to move things forward.  It’s going to be down to you to find a way to make a new way forward, however.

Believe it or not, and as hard as this might be to accept, they do have some good ideas and you are likely to find useful to give them some time for consideration.

Don’t let the headlong rush to just do what you think is right prevent you from seeing the bigger possibilities.

The Active Transform shows that a new, hybrid way could, or should, be found which will satisfy everyone.  You will have the opportunity to do more of what you want and they will have the opportunity to be more what they want, but you have to work to find that golden path between.


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Thank you to all those who came to the presentation at the Tarot Conference last Saturday.

A special hello is out sent to: Geraldine, Bali, Iveta, Manda and Helen!

'The 3000 year old bridge', International Tarot Conference, London (11th October 2014).

‘The 3000 year old bridge’, International Tarot Conference, London (11th October 2014).

We talked about not one but two new Tarot spreads based on Astrogem and people picked it up and started using them straight away.

It was a real pleasure to talk to such a knowledgeable audience and Kim and Martin Arnold made me feel very welcome – thank you both!

Linking Tarot and Astrogem Geomancy

Linking Tarot and Astrogem Geomancy

I made some new friends there and we’ll stay in touch to see how we can develop the Oracles jointly for the future.

You can find a review of the conference HERE.

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The first thoughts about the square between Cardinal houses suggest that this is an uncomfortable Flow.  We see Albus’s airy wisdom in down-to-earth Capricorn squared to Puer’s desire physical action in harmony and balance seeking Libra.  It’s when we look at the four levels of the geomes that we see how complimentary rather than contradictory the picture becomes.

The single tap at Level 3 in Albus is complemented by the double taps in Puer.  When we look at the Active Transform the two complimentary geomes transform to give Via (3), confirming that this whole story is about Level 3 activities.

The complimentary nature of the two-parent geomes becomes blended into something new.  What was local (fourth house) becomes alloyed to the personally driven (first house) to give a new physical start in the 10th house.

Both geomantic influences are needed however in order to produce this new and exciting start for growth.  As much as it might be inconvenient or uncomfortable a middle way will need to be sought between the two.


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