Amissio + Albus → Laetitia (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th July 2022

Amissio in the 6th house (Sagittarius) indicates that you will be taking an area, or more likely an idea, that you work with and developing it in important and useful ways.

This area or idea is likely to be something you enjoy and something you like getting your teeth into. Maybe you feel a sense of duty or responsibility towards it. It is very likely to be something that you share with—or provide to—others. How you do this tends to be something you do on your own, in your own way and with your particular spin on it.

This time, however, it seems to be a little different… bigger or more important or significant, perhaps.

The Pars Venusii is in the 12th house (Gemini) this week. The message from this is clear and unambiguous: Don’t let doubts cloud your progress. What was good before is good still.

You’re creating problems in your head again. Stop that.



Albus in the 7th house (Capricorn) suggests that this time it would help you to get input from others.

Perhaps you will seek out this help yourself. After all, there is no point in straining yourself and delivering something sub-standard for want of another pair of hands (or brains). Maybe there is some other reason you feel stuck in trying to do it at the moment. Perhaps, instead of you seeking help, it is they who offer it. They may offer help based on their previous experience or simply to help out with your ‘bigger than usual’ task.

If they do end up helping you, you need to be aware that you will be surrendering some of your overall control, particularly with regard to speed. It may seem that they are slowing things down, despite their overall (and necessary) help. But they will be giving their help in their way—and at their pace. If you accept their help you need to understand that their help comes as a complete package, as it were.

A word to the wise here… it may be that your estimates of speed, effort or care need to be adjusted on this occasion. Dare you even think that maybe their caution and thoroughness are exactly what is required?

Their thorough process can complement your usual purposeful idealism.


Ignition, Pikrepo.com, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Laetitia (13) in the 8th house (Pisces). This shows what can be achieved when you get the synthesis of ideas and effort right, which is what you are aiming to do this week.

Suddenly something marvellous happens.

The whole mysteriously transforms into something bigger than the component parts.

It takes on a life of its own.

It ignites.

Seek wise counsel, take advice, share your passion. Work wisely with others.

This can lead to inspired, imaginative and wide-ranging changes.


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