Ignore Success And Look For Insecurity Instead

How to avoid the slippery slope that will keep you from your dreams.

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The new Astrogem cards showing what’s in store for the week commencing 8th July 2013

This week will see you making breakthroughs after a long period of work. Great!  But there lies the problem.

If you focus on those results, relax and start patting yourself on the back you are likely to miss the opportunity to grab the bigger opportunities in front of you.

Here’s why:

Carcer in the first house (Cancer) is quincunx to Fortuna Minor in the sixth house (Sagittarius) in a Continuing Flow.

With Carcer in the first house you are likely to feel that everything is heavy going this week (first house).  Coming as it does after Carcer in the seventh last week you might be feeling a little crushed at the moment.

Tempers might be fraying a little and people seem on edge (Cancer).  Everyone feels that they have been working long and hard and work seems a slog.  Of course it has been a slog, but some of this is perception – the last mile of a race feels longer than the first mile.

Carcer in the first house shows that our feelings at the moment are how we are choosing to look at the world (Carcer in Cancer).  So this puts us in a vulnerable position.

Will you be tempted?

The thing is that with all that grind recently you’ll probably be feeling that it’s not only hard going but that life has become a little ‘stale’.  You may even be feeling a bit bored with life at the moment.  A little constricted.  This will show particularly with those closest to you and you may be feeling that they are holding you back in some way.

Why are they restricting you?  Why are they so slow?  Why is everything taking so long?

Well, that’s the nature of Carcer.  Sometimes things are slow and sometimes it’s just we who are being slow.  And given that the geome is in Cancer you feel that you are having to do everything minutely – picking up on every little thing, examining every minor emotional nuance to check it for flaws.

So, it is completely natural that, having been so closely focused on that job in front of you for so long, you get a little hypersensitive.  It is no surprise that you feel stir-crazy!

And when you do start to see some results, well, it’s only natural that you relish the change, isn’t it?  You deserve the success, right?  Hey, after all that work, it’s nice to see things panning out.

Leading you astray

Fortuna Minor in the sixth can be a tricky customer.  On the one hand you will see results in that the physical problems will start to be resolved.  You’ll reach people.  Your audience will open up.  Things will start to move (the double taps at Level 2 in Carcer switch to Level 4 in Fortuna Minor).  And all this is happening in the sixth house, the house of self-integration and perfection.  Boy, is this ever the confirmation you needed that you’ve been right all this time!

And if you leave it there you’ll have only a fraction of the success you could have!

Look closely.  The breakthrough is in Sagittarius – always galloping from one adventure to the next, never fixing or settling down.  After the heavy hand of Carcer a little fun and excitement in getting early results can seem very attractive.  Fortuna Minor is always a sweet-talker.  But he’s usually in it for himself.

Take control of your Destiny

Quick, let’s determine the Active Transform!  Adding the geomes gives us Acquisitio (14) in the tenth house (Taurus).  This takes us from the lower half of the chart into the shining light of day in the upper part of the sky.

The lower taps of Fortuna Minor give way to lessons learned in the single new tap of Acquistio’s Level 4.  More importantly it opens up the whole of the potential for new ideas (two new taps at Level 1) to achieve true public approval and progress (tenth house).

Turn the weakness into a strength

Remember that hypersensitivity?  It’s a double-edged sword.  Use it!  When early results come in simply acknowledge them.  They should come in after all your efforts!  They are quite natural – but don’t dwell on them.  Use Cancer’s crab(by?) claw of hypersensitivity to grasp everything and examine it in detail.  Look for flaws.  Look for glib messages and praise.  Watch out for sweet nothings.

And also watch out for the truly beautiful.  Acquisitio’s connection with Venus shows you that what you need to hang on to is your external – bigger – dream. There may seem to be an element of luck involved in when she does appear, but hang on and don’t let go once it really does feel right.

Use the hypersensitivity you’re feeling to enable you to feel the truth, the integrity and the worth of holding on to what you really want.

How do you resist the temptation when all is said and done?  How do you keep on when it is so easy to just enjoy the easy pickings?  The answer is simple:

You just have to care.

You have to care enough about your bigger dreams.  Ignore the easy success – that is your due.  Look for the bigger prize still to come.  If you really care then it won’t be a problem for you.  Reach beyond yourself.  Take the uncertain steps towards something bigger.

What to do this week

  1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself (yes, I know – tough love.)
  2. Expect results
  3. Keep pushing towards your bigger dreams.  Don’t settle for a morsel when you can have a meal


If you are hugging yourself

you won’t be able to use your arms to catch the pennies falling from heaven.


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