A Mental Fork In The Road

Acquisitio + Rubeus → Tristitia (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 15th May 2022

An interesting Casting this week! While the geomes are the same as last week they came out in the reverse order, which means they have a different Active Transform. Everything else changed, too: signs, houses, angles and the Pars. Let’s take a look:


Acquisitio in the 3rd house (Cancer) indicates that you want to grow your comfort on several levels. That will be tricky considering the internal forces roiling around in you at the moment. You hardly seem settled on one thing before you are thinking about something else.

You will find that rather than trying to increase your comfort zone physically you will find yourself more drawn (or it will be more useful) to figure out how to do so mentally. In other words, plan to make things bigger and better, but keep those plans to yourself for the time being.

Rubeus in the 6th house (Libra) indicates there is some degree of pressure at work to keep everyone happy. This might feel like an impossible task and the pressure keeps on building and building. The current situation can’t keep on forever.

Someone or something is going to have to give (or at least let off steam) before the whole thing goes up!

The Pars Jovii is in the 10th house (Aquarius) and indicates that you need to ward off any further unspecified and nebulous demands being placed on your time and energy. You’ll find that it’s all too easy to be lumbered with work of all kinds from other people.

Here’s a word you may find useful:

Mishigoss (spellings vary): A fouled-up situation or set of problems which could have easily have been prevented if certain people had given matters the tiniest bit of thought beforehand.

It’s nice to have a word for it, but it would be even nicer not to have the situation, right?

A mental fork in the road, Pikrepo.com, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Tristitia (24) in the 9th house (Capricorn). This indicates a clear change of priorities for you. (Make sure that they aren’t the ones carelessly dropped on you by someone else!)

No, this is a change of your priorities for you, by you. It indicates a shift in your mental needs, a shift in the direction you want to take and a shift in your thinking as ideas start popping. You are likely to be confronted with a major change in thinking, ideas and plans very soon.

Now, let’s pull this all together:

You may be experiencing (or just about to experience) some relatively small change at work and learning. You need to tame the instinct to make small changes when much larger and more useful changes are in fact need. Major changes will not need much more effort than smaller changes. Sometimes surgery is the only answer!

You should, however, keep your ideas for big change to yourself for the time being. Ultimately, you’ll want to bring your ideas to the attention of others, but at the moment you should keep them quiet.

Neither you nor they are ready to progress your new plans yet, so while you’ve got the chance just dream big and prepare.


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