Travel To The Future

Albus + Populus → Albus (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 29th May 2022

There is a single main message from the Casting this week, plus a couple of side comments.

Albus in the 9th house (Capricorn) is conjunct to Populus. This means that the Active Transform is also in the 9th house.

The Casting’s interpretation only really becomes clear when the Pars Mercurii in the 1st house (Taurus) is considered, however.

The Flow from Albus to Populus shows that your intellectual and emotional journey at present is, or is likely to become, your main concern. It shows that you will be considering plans to make the most of opportunities which are presenting themselves.

It indicates that you have the capacity to manage your current situation and to bring matters to a successful next step of your journey.

You are likely to do this by applying what you know and by taking the opportunities that are presented to you. All seems plain sailing!

So far, so obvious. But now there is a significant detail to consider and it comes in two parts…


Travel To The Future, Paul Pastourmatzis, Unsplash, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (3) also in the 9th house (Capricorn). This suggests that despite all your planning and the opportunities on offer the next few steps you take are likely to be key in achieving your ends.

The first part of the detail you will need to consider is that matters are not ready to complete just yet. In fact, you may not be quite ready to even get to the home stretch. Without some additional resource (time, money, effort, etc.) you would find the going tough if you started to the finishing line right now.

Allow a little time and prepare even more thoroughly. You need all the necessary tools and knowledge for the journey ahead.

But it is the Pars Mercurii which gives the biggest and perhaps most useful detail in the Casting: Do not be blinded as to your next steps forward just because you had planned them out at the start in great detail.

In other words, you might need to rethink exactly what is going on as matters have moved on since the original planning stage.

You will find it useful to take your ego out of the equation. Don’t insist on a particular way forward or how it should be or look. That original plan may now be too ‘thin’ and lacking the full potential of what’s on offer.

You can have more and better if you are prepared to follow what you now know. Use your learning and skill and capability to get what is (or soon will be) available rather that what you had planned to get at the start. Don’t feel you have to stubbornly stick to the original blueprint now that matters have progressed.

Adapt and don’t get bound up by self-imposed limitations.

Be guided by your wisdom and emotional maturity based on experience.

You were ‘looking’ to the future. Now you can travel to it.


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