Powerful Idea

Via + Puella → Rubeus (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd May 2022

Lots of change in the Mental Realm this week with Aquarius, 3rd house and Libra all playing a role.

Via in the 10th house (Aquarius) is an imaginative influence, powerfully placed to provide potential in many areas. The four single Taps of Via suggest a flower about to explode outwards into bloom. That this influence is in Aquarius suggests that your areas of interest are many and varied at the moment. It is likely that your thoughts are both imaginative, unconventional and broadly-based.

This is a time when lightening quick intuition can strike at any time. Given the placement in the 10th house these thoughts are likely to revolve around some large issue or project you are working on currently. This project is likely to be linked to some higher purpose or social benefit either directly or as a by-product of your work.

Either way it seems that ideas have been fermenting away in your brain for a while and the time is now ripe for inspiration to strike. Be prepared: the inspiration can come in any area: ideas about an external situation, in your own thinking, your own physical resources or some way to reach people and do things that you haven’t done before! (‘Being prepared’ means to schedule quiet time for yourself; get enough sleep. It also means you need to make sure you have a paper and pencil handy.)

Puella in the 3rd house (Cancer) indicates the idea striking. The two Taps at the internal mental Level show that all that pent-up potential gets released as an idea. It would seem that two things mark out this idea when it comes. Firstly, you are likely to be struck with the usefulness and emotional appropriateness (‘yes, that would work!’) and secondly by the fact that it represents a sideways perspective on things you already know or suspect.

It’s like Flow is saying ‘… but turn it the other way and—Bingo!—it all suddenly fits!’

Do not be surprised if the feeling you get about this intuition initially seems small. Just seek to grasp it’s meaning. Then start to unpack it and see it’s areas of application. It is likely to become a Swiss Army knife of an idea… this one small thought that can have multiple applications and influence in many areas.


Powerful Idea, Pikrepo.com, (CC0)

The Pars Luna in the 6th house (Libra) indicates that you should avoid fiddling with the idea trying to weigh up all the details. Just let things simmer. Look to see what relates to what in your thinking without going into all the ins-and-outs. Understand the principles and the areas of application rather than the specifics.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (1234) in the 8th house (Sagittarius). You will benefit most by taking your intuitive ideas and turning them into practical doable areas of action. You don’t have to act straightaway but know that several areas are now open to you.

To continue with the knife analogy, you don’t keep every blade open all the time. You open one out as you need it.

But you need to keep the knife (principles) with you all the time, however.

You never know when the tool—or which specific blade—will be needed.


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