A Helping Hand

Conjunctio + Acquisitio → Fortuna Major (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th June 2022

The Casting this week applies to you offering help. If the interpretation does not immediately resonate with you there will be a slight adjustment that will need to be made. All will become clear as you go through it…

Conjunctio in the 5th house (Virgo) shows that you will be trying to connect with someone very specific and to help them in very particular ways. Your help is likely to be practical and pragmatic and to be targeted at the specific situation as you see it.

Given that the aspect between the geomes is a square you are likely to find that, despite all your best efforts, the work you put into solving their issues does not quite hit the mark for some reason.

This can be very frustrating. It’s even more frustrating when you realise that everything you’re doing and everything you’re saying is right. And they know it, too! They also appreciate all the effort you are putting in. So, why aren’t things getting better?

Acquisitio in the 2nd house (Gemini) is an acknowledgement that you are certainly putting in the work to try to make things better. You are being generosity itself in terms of your time and energy. The fact that the geome sits in Gemini indicates that ‘teaching’ them new ways out of their situation is likely to be a favoured approach, and they may even look for it themselves. They may seek new information and more learning, possibly using up their own resources (particularly money) to find out how to progress.

The Pars Mercurii is in the 4th house (Leo) and gives you the first real clue to as to how to approach this situation: They have to do it for themselves. They have to find their own way and the best thing you can do is to support them.


A Helping Hand, pikrepo.com, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (24) in the 11th house (Pisces) and it helps to unravel and explain this situation:

You are trying to be practical.

You have sought to inform.

But the only way to reach them is with emotions.

The fact that the Active Transform is in the 11th house shows that some of the issues are not only outside your knowledge but also outside their knowledge, too.

It is also possible that some otherwise ‘helpful to know’ facts they are simply unwilling to share. Maybe they are private. Maybe they are embarrassing. Maybe they are not ready to admit certain things to themselves or to others.

And that is the reason other efforts—practical, informative or otherwise—won’t help.

The help needs to be both emotional and it has to have full knowledge of all the facts.

Until that time, your support, encouragement and positive attitude are all you can really offer…


… Now if none of this seems to apply to you dealing with your friends then please re-read the Casting… only this time substitute the word ‘you’—yes, ‘you’ gentle reader—for the references to ‘them’ and ‘others’.

What do you need? What are the emotions involved? What are you not yet facing?


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Thank you.


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