Strange And Powerful Growth

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Fortuna Minor + Laetitia → Rubeus (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 13th December 2015


This week the Flow is likely to make you feel a bit like a seedling under a rock.

Isn’t it amazing how the tiny, tender shoots of a new plant can push up, through and around any obstacle in their way?

So it will feel to you.

Fortuna Minor in the fourth house (Pisces) will start off the square aspect this week. Given its double Taps in both lower levels you will probably feel that you will be able to make progress in whatever you undertake, but it’s likely to take a fair bit of effort.

You do have what is needed in terms of resources and energy, though time might be in short supply.

You will also find that you will be able to get things done so long as you apply yourself and don’t get distracted. And there will be temptations this week! Distractions are likely to prove to be a key theme this week. People will have all sorts of imaginative ways of trying to capture your attention, if you’re not careful.


[bctt tweet=”Distractions are likely to prove to be a key theme this week”]


It is interesting to note the Neptunian influence of Pisces in the fourth house continuing over to Laetitia in the seventh house. This suggests that there’s going to be a continuing undercurrent of distraction this week.

Given that the seventh is governed by Gemini the likelihood is that most of the distraction is likely to come from people and groups in working  relationships.

There is a way to handle this and to capitalise on the Flow, however.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is Rubeus (23) in the 10th house (Virgo) and represents a fascinating transition and it is this that can bring the strange and powerful growth.

(Note to geomancers: If you look at the progress of the casting you will see that Fortuna Minor expands its single Tap at Level 2 to double Taps in an Expanding Flow. This shows initially all the mental distraction we were just talking about. The Active Transform however collapses that double Tap to a single new Tap at Level 2, migrating the double Taps to Level 1 — and this shows how the Flow can be best used to our advantage…)

Keep physically doing what you’re doing and simply ignore the distractions, gossip and specifically the indecision of others. Once they have made their minds up you can then consider how best to respond. But don’t get dragged into all the discussions in the meantime while they get their thinking sorted out.

They might be able to waste time discussing and thinking about various possibilities. But you’ve got stuff to do.

Once they have finished and got their thinking in order you will find that you will be able to offer clear thinking and focus. It won’t be easy, but at least you’ll be able to cut through a lot of the ‘noise’.

Please note down any inspirational ideas you have as the Flow progresses this week. You may not think that you can use or achieve them, at least at the moment. Long-term, you probably will, however. You’ll just need to build your faith in yourself and in your abilities first.




There were no Rogues this week.



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