A Point Of Balance

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Populus + Via → Via
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 6th December 2015


An unusual looking casting this week — the Moon has a huge role to play…

The first geome cast was Populus in the 10th house (Leo). This is going to produce feelings of stability or, depending on how you look at it, stagnation.

This has to be paired with the second geome Via also in the 10th house.

And the Active Transform of these two is also Via with no new taps.

Both Populus and Via are governed by the Moon. Populus is the full Moon, and Via is the new Moon.

Together these are an incredible balance point. Everything seems to have come together at the height of its potential and is… holding its breath.

The full Moon can only wane from this point and the new Moon can only wax.

Is this knifepoint balance going to decay? Or is this the moment of supreme fullness of the seed and just about to burst into life?

The 10th house represents your place in the world and how you see yourself in it. Again, there is a duality — it is both about you and how you see your relationships to others and place in the world.

The aspect between the geomes is a conjunction. Conjunctions can be either difficult aspects, easy aspects or ‘somewhat neutral on balance’.

So how on earth can make sense of all this duality and balance?


Breakdance Posing Balance 2 by MINORITYmaN (CC BY 3.0)

Breakdance Posing Balance 2
by MINORITYmaN (CC BY 3.0)


The story which is playing out in is one in which we are coming to the end of one cycle and to the start of another, but something has to happen first…

The Moon is the great female figure of old. Anything she is involved in will take its natural time. You must await developments. Matters, events, relationships will all have to mature naturally and things allowed to settle and become clear at their own pace. The clouds will clear from the face of the Moon and she will be revealed in all her splendour, but she won’t be rushed.

You will find that some of the events and circumstances in your life will naturally reach their conclusion while others of similar kind will have to be allowed to fall back.

Those that are good and fruitful you will feel have ‘paid off’ at last. Those which are unyielding must be allowed to go their own way and you should waste no further time on them. They have had their chance and now it is time for the parting of the ways.


Take control of your Destiny


Via is asking us to look towards the next cycle and right at the very start of that cycle, in fact.

It’s also interesting that there is a change from one sidereal zodiac sign (Scorpio) to the next (Sagittarius) on the 10th this Thursday and a new Moon a day later on the 11th. I would not be surprised to find matters peaking around that time.

This will be an opportunity for a fine spiritual exercise. It will take some patience.

See if you can feel what there is within and immediately around you which is worth growing. Don’t touch it or fiddle with it, just see if you can feel the potential.

Don’t force anything, only watch. You must simply feel those areas in your life which are ready to burst out and grow.

This is going to be like the moment of birth. It will happen when it happens and there is no force on this planet that can change that. So you can hone your intuitive skills by sensing the moment. Feel where things in your life are starting to ‘break’ and push out.

Just let nature do its thing and the results are likely to surprise you.

Just let what wants to happen, happen.


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There were no Rogues this week.



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