Whatever Is Cooking Needs To Cook

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Fortuna Minor + Conjunctio → Amissio (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 15th November 2015


Fortuna Minor in the second house (Sagittarius) this week shows that you are fully confident of success in all the projects you have underway. Great — hold on to that thought!

You have high hopes and several ‘pots’ bubbling away on the stove. The key will be not to push too much, or too hard or too fast when matters need to take their own time. Let those pots just ‘cook’.

The Flow this week shows that several natural processes just have to run their course. There’s not much you can do to make a child grow faster. A wine mature was at its own rate. Bread needs a certain time to bake.

(For those who can see deeper meanings: Cooking time is in the recipe. The recipe is tried and tested. It’s been handed down for years.)

It doesn’t matter how impatient you are for things to work out, matters just take the time they need to take.

At the risk of mixing my metaphors, don’t keep digging up the seed to see if it has put out any roots yet!

Conjunctio in the third house (Capricorn) shows that your mind will be racing this week. You want to get on with things. You want to be ‘up and doing’ — I understand that.

But it’s all going to be about what you get on with.

You’ll find it useful to free up as much of your mental ‘headspace’ as possible. It won’t be easy because you will be feeling involved, determined and anxious about how things are going to turn out. But there’s nothing to do now other than to let nature take its course.


[bctt tweet=”There’s nothing to do now other than to let nature take its course.”]


You will not be negligent if you’re not standing over what’s cooking. You are still very much part of the process. Just be patient and wait to do your next bit.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (12) in the fourth house (Aquarius).

The main theme from the Active Transform will be for you to get other work done while you’re waiting for your current projects to finish.

The pot on the stove is shouting to you: ‘Don’t just stand there and don’t interfere. Let me do what I need to do in my own sweet time. It’ll be cooked soon enough’.

You’ll find there are lots of other things for you to do.

(Of course, a watched pot will eventually boil, but you will find it will seem to take less time if you are busily engaged using your skills efforts elsewhere in the meantime.)

So make best use of your time by getting on with something useful while you’re waiting.

Start work on the next project; Plan the next steps; Start getting stuff together; Tidy up; Make some phone calls or send some emails while you’re waiting; Sharpen your tools; Do something different (not to do with cooking) which also needs doing.

Major tip: Keep this new thing short and quick so you don’t get bored and so that you can keep the occasional eye on the pot on the stove…




All the gemstones felt very lively and mobile in my hands today. It was like trying to hold snakes in oil!

One Rogue did make itself particularly felt: Populus.

As soon as your projects are finished, as soon as the pot has boiled, as soon as ‘it’ is done — get it fully finished and out of the way.

That’s why you needed to prepare for the next step.



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