How Will You Set Out Your Stall For Next Year

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Puella + Albus → Carcer (134)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th December 2015


The Flow seems to be getting in the Yule mood as this week seems to be about preparing ourselves for the new solar year.

This is not a simple winding down towards the Christmas break though, but rather an active approach to getting our business in order.

Perhaps it’s just with the imminent arrival of Yule — the ending of one solar year and the beginning of the next — that we think about winding down for a while. And it’s quite right to do so!

But the Flow is suggesting that you don’t wind down like an ‘employee’ but rather as the ‘owner’. The two approaches are very different.

The employee gets their work done and then, once given the all clear, sets off for a well-earned break. The owner has a wider view. They make sure that ‘business’ is in order so that they can pick up fully the next time the business is open. The owner has a wider responsibility towards the bigger picture that the employee does not usually see or share. The owner owns.

Puella in the sixth house (Taurus) shows that we need to get our head in order with regard to our work and projects: finish off tasks, tidy loose ends, complete the work, clear your mind.

The overriding idea here is to feel that you have come to some kind of close of the business. Thoughts which are troubling you need to be squared away. Close them off and get ready for next time. You need to know in your heart of hearts that the work is done and that you can now relax. It’s time for making sure that you feel that all is in order. (This may require some plodding determination on your part, but all will be well in the end.)


[bctt tweet=”Thoughts which are troubling you need to be squared away”]


Albus in the 10th house (Virgo) gives shows us that it is not just about your ‘local’ work and ideas which need to be in order. The two double Taps at Levels 1 and 4 show that we must have an eye to the wider situation, the bigger picture. And only when we do so will we be able to feel fully relaxed in our own mind.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is Carcer (134) in the second house (Capricorn). The aspect between all the geomes is a trine, which is an excellent sign! We can therefore interpret the Casting by looking at the positive qualities of this combination of the three Earth signs.

We move from the plodding and determined sixth house to a finely detailed wider view in the 10th house to a very practical assessment of needs and capabilities in the second house.

Here Carcer suggests that as we have ideas about our plans in mind we need to make sure that we approach them carefully and that we don’t overstretch ourselves in the early stages.

There are likely to soon be temptations to spend money and to seek some early returns of our efforts. These need to be kept in proportion though. Take the opportunities which have a good chance of paying off. But don’t just take them because they are opportunities.

You are at a point where you can start to see some progress and some success for your efforts. It will be important to avoid letting that success go to your head!

If you can avoid the flattery your solid success, abilities and prospects for the future will be rock-solid.




There was one Rogue this week: Puer in the first house (Sagittarius).

Nurture that which drives you forward.


The winter solstice occurs at exactly 04:48 UTC this Tuesday so I wish you all a very happy Yule and a prosperous New Solar Year!


Robert Chambers CC

Robert Chambers [CC]

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