Stop Caring What You Think

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 27th October 2014


While you have – and will for a little while longer – probably been feeling quite settled in some of your thinking this is about to change.

The change will be a good one as the aspect between the geomes is a sextile.  It is still likely to come as something of a surprise to you however later this week.  After all the turbulent events of the last few weeks you may be feeling in need of a rest.  But you know what they say, a change will be just as good…

The first part of the week indicates that you will be trying to settle things down at home.  There’s been a lot going on recently and you barely had two minutes to call your own.  This is interesting as, if you think about it, very little has actually changed!

Later in the week the Flow shifts from the fourth house to the second and we see that in a nice way that you stop caring.  That needs some explanation.

The ‘not caring’ is actually concerned with coming to the end of your logical and particularly emotional lines of thinking.  You’re likely to find that you simply can’t think your way any further along your current lines of investigation.  The truth of the matter is that when we don’t challenge our assumptions and regularly investigate our own arguments we can become trapped in narrower and narrower ways of thinking about our life.

The shift to the second house suggest that you have some powerful emotions which have been pushing (or dragging) you along and it is these which have been narrowing down your field of view.

What is about to happen is that you’re going to run out of road, and this is one of the best things that can happen!

The Flow will induce you to stop being so anxious and concerned, probably by seeming to cut off all your emotional exits.  You’re probably going to feel that your moving from the ‘tried and tested’ into uncharted waters.  This is likely to feel like the end of an emotional situation, but it’s certainly not the end of the journey!


Take control of your Destiny


What has been happening is that underneath all your preparation and, it has to be said, anxiety, is that the foundations and ‘new skin’ have been growing almost unknown to you.

This is a time when it will be beneficial to you to really tune in to the Flow.  By applying your intuition and subconscious instincts you will be able to create, express yourself emotionally and connect with your previous experiences in ways that will surprise you.  Of course depending on your particular journey there may be things you will have to confront.  Please recognise the good in amongst the difficult.

Seek to know, to understand.

If you are really sensitive to the Flow then this should be your mantra for the week: Stop feeling and start knowing.

Use the core of what you know, cling tightly to that, and see where it takes you.  The Flow can then take you to places and provide ways for you to complete yourself in ways you never suspected.


Thank you


A big thank you to Chloë McCracken of Inner Whispers for her excellent clear and concise write-up of the presentation at the Tarot Conference and a mention on her blog!  You can read it HERE.

She is the proud owner of a set of the Astrogem Oracle cards and I have to say that the first reading she gave with them was pretty good!  I’m sure there will be more to follow from her.  Watch this space!

Thanks, too, to Israel Ajose for joining the Facebook group.  I’m sure his insights from tarot, astrology and magic will be very useful to our select band.




Amissio in the fourth house (Capricorn) gives a fairly settled start to the week (no, this isn’t a weather forecast!) as the association with Venus in this earth sign in the house of home tends to feelings of harmony.

But the two taps at Level 2 don’t last, collapsing in a Contracting Flow to Cauda Draconis in the second (Scorpio).  This is what brings the emotional change so markedly into Scorpio’s uncharted and deep waters.

Left there the Flow would simply have let our thoughts peter out with perhaps little to show for it, but at least no real harm done.

By considering the Active Transform, however, we can take the likely change in the Flow to new and exciting inner dimensions.  Rubeus (13) in the twelfth house (Virgo) is going to be anything other than quiet.  Plenty of subconscious change is possible if you tune yourself in!



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