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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd November 2014

This week sees the potential for a flurry of new ideas.  To really capitalise on this Flow it would be best if you worked in partnership with other people: teams, groups, anyone you can bounce ideas off.

The reason for this is simple.  You will need to swap thoughts with others and to get their input.  Don’t think too much about where the ideas are ultimately going to go whilst you are at the early stage of brainstorming them.  The key idea is to generate them and generate them in large amounts.

Both you and others will be able to work together to cross-fertilise each other’s thinking and approaches.

(If you are having to work alone then you might want to imagine how others might react.  Try imagining stepping in their shoes and seeing what they would say.  This is an interesting exercise but if you can you would be better off working face-to-face with real people this week.)

Some of the ideas you come up with together are likely to be impractical, but don’t worry about that at this stage.  Each of the ideas can act as a stepping-stone for further ideas.  That’s not only the nature of brainstorming it’s also the key element of the Flow this week.

Once you have generated a pool of ideas it will be time to take a more objective view on how to implement them.  And this is where you will need to exert your maximum control…

The temptation will be to simply use this as an intellectual exercise and to come up with new approaches and think that that is enough.  Sure, those ideas might be golden but there is much more you can do with them.

Okay, let’s take a step back.  You’ve got all these great ideas so what are you going to do with them?

Now so far this may seem little more than instructions for brainstorming, though I am sure that students of Astrogem will see from the Debrief below how the process was actually derived.  And the process is just about to take a turn…

The next and most important step will be to for objective evidence to support the best ideas.  Don’t just think because something can be done that it should be done.

You are likely to be feeling in a very creative mood and that things are falling into place, but that in itself will not be enough if you really want to make the most of this time.  If you stop there you will miss the greater opportunity.


Take control of your Destiny


Now take the very best of those ideas, one or two at most, and really get to work on them.  Drill down and look for the core message, the essence, the principles which lie behind them.  Look for how you can widen their appeal and what you personally can learn as a result of those ideas.  This is important.

You will know how far to go because it will suddenly be clear to you how to reach a much wider audience.  The ideas will take on a new life, allowing you to teach and connect in ways that will surprise you. 

These ideas must be tried, however.  If they stay purely theoretical then the whole exercise will have been pointless.  Take only what is useful and practical make it really shine.

If you don’t get the light-bulb moment of seeing how to really expand from a good idea to a great one you need to keep working at it.  The effort will be worthwhile.




This casting is much more than an exercise in brainstorming.  The single tap at Level 2 of Acquisitio is about to expand into double taps in Tristitia.  As Acquisitio is in the seventh house however, this expansion of ideas will best be done in conjunction with others.

Tristitia in the fifth house (Aquarius) gives both creativity, sudden change and an objective view of all this activity.

This produces a hothouse of ideas which then need to be justified with objective and supportive evidence.  If the process goes no further then all that creative input is likely to become very abstract and to serve no practical purpose.

By following the flow to the Active Transform Rubeus (24) we see that the opportunity to reach a much wider audience (Sagittarius, third house communication) can be a transforming experience.

I find it fascinating to note how the Active Transform from last week Rubeus (13) switches to each of the adjacent Levels in this week’s Rubeus (24) – such are the patterns of Flow.  This in itself is a fascinating meditation.

The shift in Flow between the two parent geomes from single tap to double taps to give a single new tap at Level 2 suggests that we can really capitalise on all this mental energy by learning from our thinking, not just thinking on its own.  The fact that the single taps at Level 4 in both parent geomes expand out into two new taps at Level 4 of the Active Transform shows us exactly where and how to apply this new thinking.




Another great Mind, Body and Spirit fair at Chipping Sodbury yesterday!  A big thank you to Margaret and her daughter for organising it and for all those who came for a reading.

Particular thanks go out to those who kindly let me video their views: the seriously riotous Scots contingent (Margaret, Jean and Maisie) and also Diane, Sally and Sue.  Thank you all!


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