Expanding Our Idea Of Earth

  As everyone who reads this website knows, Geomancers perform divinations by the signs and symbols of the Earth. Traditionally, the concept of Earth was ‘elemental’ – the things in and on the physical plane itself (and with those things affecting the physical plane). I’m deliberately staying away from the […]

Losing Control

To those who only look at the surface of things, this week will see very little change other than some minor completion of their affairs. To those who understand geomancy and particularly the nature of Flow, this week gives a powerful lesson in just what impact you are making. The […]

Stop Caring What You Think

  While you have – and will for a little while longer – probably been feeling quite settled in some of your thinking this is about to change. The change will be a good one as the aspect between the geomes is a sextile.  It is still likely to come […]

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Flow – What It Is And How To Use It

Kalana contacted me the other day.  She is a student of Astrogem Geomancy — in fact she’s one of The Sixteen Hundred — and she asked about Flow. The concept of Flow is so big and so important that I thought I’d write up the answer and expand on it.  […]