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Guest Post: Mike Pascoe In Glastonbury

  Les: I wasn’t able to make the Glastonbury MBS this time and I asked Mike Pascoe if he would like to stand in for me. After I managed to get my arm back into its shoulder socket I gave him the details and he kindly did the business, stood […]

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Why Settle For Gold When You Can Have Diamonds?

This week sees the potential for a flurry of new ideas.  To really capitalise on this Flow it would be best if you worked in partnership with other people: teams, groups, anyone you can bounce ideas off. The reason for this is simple.  You will need to swap thoughts with […]

Pick Your Fights, Or The Fights Will Pick You

‘Pick’ is a very significant word this week. ‘Pick’, ‘picked’, ‘picky’. . . you name it they’re all in here. The first geome drawn is Tristitia in the fifth house (Pisces). Tristitia is associated with sudden and unexpected changes and also with an undercurrent which is decidedly cool and aloof. This […]

Travel one way, look another

Geomantic divination for the week commencing 15th October 2012                                            Fortuna Minor in the ninth (Gemini) is square to Amissio in the twelfth (Virgo) in a Continuing pattern. Geomantic Divination […]