On Your Marks

Fortuna Minor + Tristitia → Puer (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th March 2021

Fortuna Minor in the 9th house (Scorpio) shows that you are putting a lot of energy into trying to realise your principles and philosophy. You want to do things for the right reasons and in the right way (of course). But there are times when you need to realise that even the best theory needs to be checked against the real world results. This is a time when you can make some adjustments based on real life.

Specifically, if you find some theory or principle that you’ve been using doesn’t work for you at the moment—even if it is something you have learned from your past—then now is a good time to reassess. Doing less but in a more targeted way will likely prove more productive (and less strain) in the long run, too.

There may be nothing inherently wrong with your approach, but perhaps circumstances or people are now different than they were from the original lesson. Not all lessons are universally applicable, after all. What this means then is that there is an opportunity to widen your understanding and gain personal wisdom by learning how to broaden or moderate your approach depending on circumstance.

Tristitia in the 1st house (Pisces) shows that later in the week you can expect a bit of a breakthrough. This may happen in a surprising way or at a surprising time. It may even be from a new or unlooked-for direction.

Perhaps a sudden creatively intuitive flash will strike you. Maybe a revelation quietly arrives in your mind popping like a bubble into your awareness. Either way it will provide an important jigsaw-piece to break old patterns or to help make new patterns for you.

The Pars Solii this week is in the 5th house (Cancer) and indicates that you are likely to find yourself revisiting an issue which has been a difficulty in the past. It is likely that this difficulty was linked to your relationship with friends and acquaintances in some way. Maybe they were holding you back or, more likely, there was some difference of ideas or approach between you. This is an area which you could change now.

On Your Marks, Braden Collum, Unsplash (700)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (12) in the 5th house (Cancer). It is because the Pars and the Active Transform sit in the same house that we can see a reassessment of the earlier difficulty. This time we are much more likely to be able to resolve it.

Given where Flow is going you are now able to capitalise on the new impetus and new way forward. It lets you develop relationships in a deeper and warmer way.

As you apply new-found vigour to your emotional relationships in particular you are likely to find more common ground and, hence, a way forward for everyone concerned.

The more you can share emotional drive and ideas the more you are likely to get a connection heart-to-heart.

Everyone benefits.

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