Painting By Numbers

Amissio + Rubeus → Cauda Draconis (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th July 2019

This week gives you the opportunity to make changes and to control things. Well, some things. And to a degree.

Amissio in the second house (Leo) shows that your feelings — in fact your passions — will be driving what happens this week. The interesting thing is to consider when they do so.

It might seem obvious that if you are passionate about wanting to do something you go ahead and do it. But that’s not what is happening.

What is happening this week is that your previous passions, that is things that you have already set in motion, move along in a fast Flow. Fortunately, the changes you see this week are going to be positive and beneficial. The funny/amusing aspect to this is that it is unlikely that changes can be made to the changes. It’s as if you have created the initial line-drawing but now get to choose only what specific colours you will fill in. You can choose the colours but the picture is already determined.

The starting point for this can be seen in the Pars Venusii in the third house (Virgo). Plans that you had set in motion to make changes around you seem to have been largely under your control. As you have done a good job with those there is little room — and no need, actually — to change much about them. It looks like your careful thought and planning will be paying off.

Rubeus in the 12th house (Gemini) shows that you will be able to detect your own mental and physical forces being manifested in the world. (In other words, you should feel satisfied that your plans now have a chance of happening.) It also shows that it will be useful for you to let go and just allow these rivers of action to flow. As indicated above, there is not much you can do about them anyway.

But ‘not much you can do’ is not the same as ‘nothing you can do’, however. It’s likely that you will need to tweak and choose exactly how things are done. But the big thinking and planning is done and over. Now it is a matter of ‘allowing’.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (13) in the 10th house (Aries). This shows very clearly that some of the interventions you will need to make will be in simply pushing the deal over the line. In other words you will need to bring about the final thrust to realise your ambitions. This may be a concession, some unexpected last minute twist or just a touch more salt in the cooking.

Given that the aspect between the geomes is a Sextile and hence very favourable this process should not be difficult. But it does need managing to make sure that all goes well.

Also it’s useful to put your personal and final stamp on what happens.

The outline of the sketch (and your circumstance) has already been drawn. But it will not come to life without you making final choices as to colour.

Only you can bring about the final painting and complete what you have been working on.

This will be yours from start to finish provided you keep control to the end.


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