A Better Carrot

Puells + Carcer → Albus (134)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st July 2019

This is a very good week for capitalising on your feelings. Let your urge to create and express drive you into new areas of realising your goals.

Puella in the second house (Leo) is well-placed to allow your thoughts and feelings full expression this week. This does not mean simply opening up your heart but rather allowing yourself to be carried with your inner goodwill and charm. More specifically, this means that you can use the opportunity of a focused good mood that you feel towards getting things done.

Your thoughts and feelings are going to be aligned so now is a good time to push ahead.

You are likely to feel goodwill towards others and to make allowances for their failings mistakes. You do not have limitless patience, however, and as Flow progresses to the second geome later in the week you are likely to find that challenges may show up.

The Pars Venusii in the fifth house cautions you against being ‘too nice’. Do not lower yourself to other people’s level just for a quiet life. Keep your standards and your integrity — you are worth it! It is not worth paying for what has no value to you. If the emotional price is too high, don’t pay it.

Carcer in the 10th house (Aries) suggests that you might find some pushback later in the week. If this comes from other people you may find that simply charming them helps.

For those that are more resistant it is likely you will need to exercise more patience. They are unlikely to put obstacles in your way just for the sake of it. It’s more likely that they simply don’t understand or have the knowledge and commitment that you do. They may not be as motivated. They may just be immature in their outlook or unthinking when it comes to seeing what you are trying to achieve.

If you go up against problems head on you are likely to find it requires a lot of time and effort on your part. This is where the challenge — and the benefit — to you lies.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (134) in the sixth house (Scorpio). This goes hand in hand with the Pars.

While you may feel that trying to get results requires a carrot and stick approach you should avoid too much of either.

A better carrot, Heather Gill, Unsplash, (CC0)

Specifically, more carrot is not what is required (and definitely not more stick). What will be required from you to really benefit is a better carrot. This means looking toward something different: inspiration; acting differently; different inducements…

Capitalise on the creativity of this time to search for new approaches. The wisdom possible in this Sagittarian environment suggests both hope and the desire to chase after a cause.

You will be able to do this as the trine aspect is very favourable. This is the best way to approach problems as it will not be easy if you try to do it the old way.

Will you adapt?

Look to inspire to your cause and your end result.

Look to find other ways to get what you want.

Let your wisdom guide you to new approaches.

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Thank you.


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