Lessons In Being Convincing

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th April 2015


Tristitia in the sixth suggests you will need to get your work done quickly this week.

To others you are likely to seem a little distracted, but you know why that is… They just don’t see the big picture that you do.

If you are working in or are interested in any new developments in healthcare then this could be a very productive week for you.

If you are involved in ‘healing’ or joining the old and the new then expect sudden inspiration (though not without conflict from those who don’t share your brilliant instincts).

The big picture can be both alluring and also a distraction if people need to see practical outcomes. Don’t expect immediate results.

It’s actually a curious aspect to Flow this week… If you don’t expect results they are actually more likely to develop!

Don’t try to be perfect – you are aiming high, (which is good), but make sure that it is both worthy (yes) and doable (probably). Keep your feet on the ground so that others can see what you’re doing is workable and useful and not simply pie-in-the-sky


The Kurobe Dam, by Qurren CC BY-SA 3.0

The Kurobe Dam, by Qurren CC BY-SA 3.0


The Flow should feel like you are building up the pressure behind a dam and then turning on the valve/flicking the switch and the huge mass of machinery rumbles into life. At least as far as you’re concerned!

Albus suggests that if you do this then later on in the week you will be able to dazzle with your brilliance – and experience.

You’ve definitely got an eye to the future this week and it may take others a little while to catch up!

Explain it to them simply and directly. Don’t try to give them the big picture, just the bits that affect them most.


Take control of your Destiny


The week sees a Continuing Flow between the parent geomes and then a Contracting Flow to the Active Transform, Fortuna Major (4) in the eighth house (Scorpio).

The lesson here is to learn how to keep a connection with others while at the same time aiming to change things around you.

It’s not easy, as people pay attention to what is changing (or what you are suggesting is changed).

Your inclination will be to want to clarify the ‘What’ for them. But your focus here should be on the ‘How’ – how you should convince them to change.




There were four (I know!) Rogues this week — butter-fingers, or what?

They were Cauda Draconis, Conjunctio, Populus and Laetitia.

Where could we to start interpreting these geomes? My feeling is that, particularly as there are so many of them, we should take them as a group. To me, it says that there are several factors in play this week:

Past history (which will need to be considered and respected)

The medium of the message (make sure you say it right)

Getting a consensus as far as is possible – particularly selling people on the big picture

And finally, to expect only good progress if you get it right, rather than a conclusion to your efforts


Taken together it suggests that you will be spinning plates this week to convince people and to make sure all the various interests hold together.

This should feel like a busy, in fact, very active week.


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