Plan And Check

Conjunctio + Amissio → Fortuna Minor (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 8th August 2021

Happy Lithia (as of yesterday) to you all! Lithia is the Festival of First Fruits, the start of the harvest season and the first day of Autumn.


The same geomes were drawn as last week, but this time in different houses with a different aspect, a shift in the ascendant and a new placement for the Pars.

Conjunctio in the 3rd house (Libra) indicates that a change is in the air (yes, Libra is an Air sign!). The changes you see, or that you want to make, are likely to be quite close to home, at least initially. That being said, you will probably find that events this week probably won’t be compartmentalised. Rather they are likely to flow easily from one into another.

This is partly because of the opposition aspect in the Casting. It suggests a somewhat reflective week. Reflective firstly in the sense of ‘thinking about things based on experience’. The second meaning will be that ‘one set of circumstances will be a mirror image of another’.

The placement of this first geome shows the need for change, but change which needs to be thought about. You are likely to find it best to test your ideas before progressing.

It also suggests that there is a fair bit of volatility and maybe even a necessary trip in the offing. To be more specific it indicates a trip which might be considered a ‘dry-run’ for a longer journey.

Maybe it is a trip to get supplies for extended travel.

Whichever way, Conjuctio suggests some initial planning and preparation.

Amissio in the 9th house (Aries) then takes that preparation to the next stage. It takes that dry run and extends it to a full dress-rehearsal. This is that second kind of reflection mentioned above.

Think of it as an experiment, turning the theory of the first geome into some kind of ‘first dip of your toe in the water actual practise’ for the second.

It is clear from the nature of the opposition aspect that this is likely to yield much useful information for you. You will gain most if you pay attention to the details of what happens when you seek to ‘scale up’ the operation in this way.

It seems that this is something that you will actively need to do, rather than it simply happening to you passively.

In other words, this is a time when you can practise pushing out. Seek out the warm-up exercises. Look for some way to turn theory in to practice. Seek to gain from the trial experience.

The Pars Mercurii in the 7th house (Aquarius) this week gives an interesting side note: Be aware of unnecessary opinions and advice from others. They may not be wrong exactly, but they won’t necessarily be helpful either. You know your own way best.

Plan and check,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Minor (23) back in the 3rd house (Libra). This is the final part of the reflective process. It indicates that having got the experience you have you will then need to incorporate what new learning or tweaks you have discovered.

Ultimately this will allow you to physically prepare better for the future.

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