Deflecting The Knife 2

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th April 2015


Rubeus is in the eighth house and in its natural sign of Scorpio this week. It is also square to the second geome Puer in the fifth (Leo). This suggests that you might  feel frustration building as the week progresses. This, combined with a contracting flow, indicates a possibility of passions boiling over.

Now this can go one of two ways. If you are not able to control your underlying passion you may find that others meet your frustration measure for measure. You can expect harsh words in that case. And while some things may need to be said they don’t perhaps need to be said in that way.

Once you, and they, have had a chance to calm down there may still be some resentful ill-feeling which will tend to linger. This is a shame. I it just makes things a little bit harder for everyone. But that doesn’t have to happen…


There’s a better way to do this: turn the knife-edge of your frustration inwards. This doesn’t mean suppressing your stress, it simply means not showing it outwardly. Turn your firepower inwards and use it to clear away anything which is not absolutely necessary.

Yes, you want progress. But there are ways and means of getting it. It’s better to channel the cooperation you need in exactly the right direction.

Of course if things haven’t been going according to plan it can be irritating. But it doesn’t help to let the irritation become part of the problem!

Deal with the facts of the matter, not simply the feelings.


When sharing things with others it might help to let them have space to say their piece. You might even learn things which are useful to you rather than simply insisting on your own way.

Don’t react — respond instead.

Think about what is said and done and take as long as is needed to calm down afterwards. Internalise what’s going on and get rid of what is not necessary. It’s important to clear away the unnecessary with a clear head. Use your energy to focus to appoint rather than to dissipate it uselessly into the air. The temptation will be to let your emotions run away with you if you’re not careful, so be careful.


Putting all our energy out into the world could prompt you to rash decisions which you later regret.

I know, it can be easy to say this in advance of the events and it will take real self-control on your part to do the right thing when under pressure. But that’s the test. There is no going back on hasty words actions.


If you can turn your frustration inwards to get to the core of the situation you can then involve others in a much more meaningful way. When they sense intensity rather than reaction it will help you get their attention.

The result of that will be clarification rather than irritation or anger on their part.


Take control of your Destiny


If we keep to a shallow approach in dealing with our feelings this week we may end up simply nursing wounds.

The Active Transform this week is Carcer (2) in the second house (Taurus). This represents an Expanding Flow and rather than a constricting Saturnian influence it produces more solidity and practical outcomes.

What this means in practice is that you will have used the blowtorch of your passion to help you deal with the core — the spirit — of what needs to be done rather than worrying over every little detail or slighted feeling.

If we can clarify and demonstrate our commitment and passion to overall improvements in our life then matters will settle down and lead to much more productive work and feelings.

This allows you to deflect the knife of events from stabbing someone and turn it instead into a useful surgical tool.

Be business-like in your outlook and dealings this week. Only persist with what you know is right and is worth fighting for.




Cauda Draconis and Acquisitio: Taken together these to suggest that it is time to let bygones be bygones. If we’re not able to do that we are unlikely to grasp the opportunities in front of us.


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Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Deflecting The Knife

  • Mariam

    Thank you! This is meeting my instinctive feeling for this coming week. I am very upset about the guy who did fix my car, as now there are funny noises but he says it means nothing. I wanted to go there again and had the gut feeling I should not come up with all my anger, but be more diplomatic. So your casting for this week tells me one more time to watch out. And i know it can be hard when in the situation.
    Lets see it as a training…… 🙂
    Thank you Les!!

    • LesCross Post author

      Hi Mariam,

      Great, that shows that you are getting in Flow and being able to work with it to your own benefit.

      This Casting seems to be resonating with lots of people actually – me included! 🙂

      You are very welcome – nice to hear from you… and I hope the car gets sorted out soon.