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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 19th April 2015


A trine this week in all the Earth signs, so expect the theme of being grounded and with your head screwed on right.

This week presents you with a chance to use some of the stuff you’ve been hoarding. It’s stuff you have been hoping will be useful one day. We’re not just talking about possessions here, were also talking about skills and abilities, too.

A little bit of mental and emotional housekeeping seems to be in order.

It may take a little effort to get started but once you’re going you’ll be able to carry on and get the job done easily.

Top tip: Get going and just keep plodding on until you’re finished. Don’t stop with just a partial ‘message’ to others or to the world.

Bonus: You’ll probably get into your stride after a short while and realise that you are creating benefits for yourself and others by clearing away what has been hampering you. This brings its own satisfaction. It also helps provide some further motivation to get your work finished.


The Flow extends not just to the things in your immediate environment. It is likely to extend your work and career, too. As the Flow and aspect between the geomes is so favourable you can capitalise on this. You might, for example, decide to be seen as hard-working – not a bad idea with all these the Earth signs around!

Not that you aren’t hard-working, of course, it’s just that others will be looking to you to make a practical difference this week. They will need a solid dependable person around and so you can shine by showing them that you have what it takes.

If you really want to create that dependable image then you should show that nothing is too much trouble for you. Show you can handle whatever comes up. Keep at whatever you’re working on levelly, that is, stay calm and unruffled. Be cool.

Clearing out your stuff will therefore help get you in a position to be able to help (as you’ve got less clutter) and help you to get in the mind-set of getting things sorted out.

Take anything and everything in your stride, even if it seems a lot of work.


Take control of your Destiny


As the week progresses and you start thinking about the results you’re getting, you might be surprised as some of the insights you get… if you look for them.

This ability to be able to reflect on what you’re doing and the results you are getting lies close to the heart of the Geomantic Way. It’s how you begin to notice the patterns in the Flow enabling you to position yourself for best results in the particular context and direction of circumstances around you.

The Active Transform this week is Tristitia (3) in the sixth house (Virgo). This indicates two interesting and very different features.

First of all it indicates that luck will be very much on your side this week. Please don’t rely on luck for your results, but you will be able to look back on the week and see a number of times you have ‘got away with it’ or have had some other helping hand or near miss.

Secondly, if you are really good at self-analysis, you will be able to see the second story being played out in your life.

The first story is very much about all the ‘clearing up, plodding and getting the job done so that people notice’, which we’ve just talked about.

The second story revolves around you being able to streamline processes, thoughts and feelings around you to make yourself feel more comfortable and at peace with yourself. You can anticipate various pieces of learning falling into place as a result… ‘Ah, that’s how it goes, is it? I see now!’

These won’t be Aha! moments, but rather solid chunks of practical wisdom.

This is the bigger picture and the one that matters most to your spiritual development.




No geomes ‘presented themselves’ this week. However I did get a mental impression. In truth then we cannot say it is part of the reading as such. It may just apply to me! However it would also be remiss of me not to tell you in case it does apply generally and the Oracle was just gearing itself up for the casting a few minutes later.


I had the impression of Caput Draconis morphing into Fortuna Major. The morphing seemed to indicate a developing theme and seems to be based in the fifth house.


After all that build up the interpretation seems fairly straightforward: You are likely to feel that you are surrounded by people who can make a difference and are very adept at what they do. They seem very able and competent and they seem to get results almost effortlessly. You want to be seen like that, too.


This ties in with the reading quite nicely, and the general advice would be this: Don’t worry what others do. This week will be all about showing solid, dependable progress. You will get further (and be noticed more) for being a solid worker who gets the job done. Socialise after work, not during.



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