Keep Yourself Safe

Tristitia + Puella → Amissio
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 29th September 2019

The first person to send me a photo of ‘Touching the Hair of the Goddess’ was EP (Connecticut, USA), one of the 1600 Geomancers. Well done that man!

EP Touching the Hair of the Goddess

He beat me to it. The wet weather here in the UK may be keeping the leaves on the trees a little longer, I’m not sure.

We went out last weekend to have a try. There were some leaves on the ground (and lots of conkers). Even though there was a bit of wind there was not much in the way of leaf fall. Still, there’s time yet…


Tristitia in the 10th house (Gemini) sees significant and sudden changes in how you interact with others this week. It would be a dangerous time to rest on your laurels or to seem to not care. If you are not feeling much like contributing this week just keep your focus on the job in hand and do what needs to be done. That being said, always keep something in your reserve tank in case you need extra resources at short notice.

You might find that some people want to try to call your bluff. It’s more that they don’t want to put in effort themselves and might be trying to bring you down. They might be trying to make themselves look good by making you look bad. They maybe doing this to cover their own inadequacies. Don’t let it bother you. Stay strong and stay mobile. Stick to what you know. Don’t let sudden changes blow you off course.

The Pars Uranii this week is also in the 10th house. This shows the need for you not to engage with negativity in yourself or in others. Don’t get sucked in. Keep yourself positive.

Puella in the seventh house (Pisces) shows that your best bet in interacting in relationships of all kinds is to keep a level head. Don’t get drawn into self-doubt. Specifically, there is a possibility that others will be looking to convince you of their particular point of view, but for reasons that are, shall we say, not altogether clear or in fact candid. Again, watch for those who have hidden agendas, particularly in the second part of the week.

Listen to what they say, but think clearly about what is actually being said. Listen for the intention.  You should be able to spot the fakers at least, even if you are not entirely sure of their motives. Go with what your heart tells you.

For those who are genuine, offer them support and love. Keep your friends close.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (4) in the fourth house (Sagittarius). The message here is very clear: Keep yourself pure and unsullied by circumstances around you.

This is where the message of the Active Transform is really important. The rest of the Casting indicates that you need to avoid getting sucked in to other peoples designs and problems. The AT advises further that you build, grow and do what is right for you.

This is likely to be seen most at home and, by implication, in your core feelings and thoughts. Make your core secure. Look after yourself and your interests. Make them inviolable.

Keep Yourself Safe, Catherine Gonzalez, Unsplash, (CC0)

Don’t let them be affected by anyone, and especially not by you.

Don’t doubt yourself for a second.

Be a rock in a turbulent world.

Be sure and secure in yourself.

Keep your dreams alive and vibrant and continue to grow toward them.


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