Sharpening The Knife

Acquisitio + Acquisitio → Populus (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 6th October 2019

This week sees the same geome appearing twice in the Casting. In this sequence it shows the ending of the current cycle so matters should be coming to some kind of head or resolution this week.

If you are in Flow then it is a great time to realise — and feel — a new way forward. Otherwise you may simply feel deflated that matters are simply not yet working out.

Acquisitio in the sixth house (Aquarius) shows that you are aiming to impress with what you do, but that you feel that you might not be making the impact you want just yet. Lack of progress can be put down to the square aspect in the Casting. While many feel that square aspects represent difficulties it can be a time of clearing away what doesn’t work in order to find what does.

This can sometimes be by a process of elimination. But the major creativity comes when you have run out of options and you need to find something radically new. That is how you grow, by doing what you haven’t done before.

Acquisitio in the ninth house (Taurus) shows clearly that you are sticking to ‘what is supposed to work’. You feel that you are doing all the right things. You feel that you are following ‘the ideal’ and the ‘success formula’ for what you are doing. You’re convinced that it should work out if it’s a success formula, right?

The thing is, you are unique and the circumstances you are in are not the same as the ‘formula’ implies. If you simply do what others suggest and what the books say you are likely to feel somewhat bogged down with it all if it doesn’t all go according to plan. Doing things by the book will not be your way. You need to find your unique way of doing things.

You’ll recognise this because of the effect of the Pars Luna which this week is in the 10th house (Gemini). You may feel that you’re following the plan, but others will seem to keep shifting the goalposts and always to want more. If you see the rules and expectations being changed then you can be sure that it’s time for you to change your rules.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (24) in the 12th house (Leo). This is a very clear indication that you need to look deeper, to rethink and to look to being bigger.

While you have been aiming to work to the greater good, the ‘greater good’ might end up taking advantage of you. While you have been trying to sharpen the blade of your knife, the whetstone of the demands of the job might have been simply grinding away the whole knife. And that’s not fair. What you do you should do for yourself!

Sharpening The Knife, Jason Gillman, Pixabay, CC0

What you do you should do to connect with what you believe in, irrespective of what form that takes.

If your heart is in it, your mind and body will follow.

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Thank you.


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