Stirring The Fire

Fortuna Minor + Via → Fortuna Major (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd September 2019

Get ready to touch again…
It’s been a long, hot summer again here in the UK. Although they have not lost much of their colour some of the leaves on the trees are already starting to fall. When the winds pick up, as they surely will, it will be time for you to see if you can touch the hair of the Goddess again. You can see some other posts and videos about it here, here, and here.

And so does the year turn…


This week sees the luminaries providing a very clear message in the Casting. Its message is beautifully and importantly refined by not one but two Rogues this week.

Fortuna Minor in the second house (Libra) shows that the undercurrent of Flow is going to be driving your feelings this week. Is there is something, or someone?, you want to ‘own’. Do you want to convince them or merely to have control over them? The fact that the geome is in Libra suggests that Flow is most likely to be concerned with thoughts of love. Your initial inclination might be to want to have, get and keep, but you are likely to find that turning from trying to grab attention and towards giving it works better.

The Pars Soleii in the eighth house (Aries) is very clear in showing that forcing change in an impetuous and demanding manner is certainly not going to work! Resistance will be focused and immovable. You will need to use subtlety. And more than that, to work deeply…

Via in the seventh house (Pisces) shows clearly that this is a good time to try to influence others and that you need them to complete what you are trying to do. (This is something which may not have occurred to you in the particular stage of the your project. If this is news to you because you’ve been struggling to do something on your own then this might be the time to seek collaboration.)

Via here strongly indicates the beginning of the emotional attachment and benefit you can get from relationships in the second part of the week. You might need to start gently, but be persistent and imaginative. In fact, it is this placement (together with the Flow between the geomes) which is the key to the Casting this week. Move forward with thoughts of love and passion for what you want. Actions directly proving your feelings are not necessary — your feelings should simply permeate what you do by themselves.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (12) in the 12th house (Leo). Here we find the AT in its native sign, but not its native house. This suggests great vigour, energy and interest but which is a force which is still seeking full expression. To capitalise on this you will need to be quite coy, if not, subtle about your progress forward.

The key will be to aim to stir up feelings, emotion and, in fact, passion for your path. This does not mean you should be manipulative but rather to recognise that a head-on approach is unlikely to work.

It is in the awakening of interest and desire for fulfilment in yourself and others that progress may be made.

Do not seek to force or to complete but simply stir up the fire.

Stirring the fire, Hanny Naibaho, Unsplash, CC0


The message of the Casting is plain: Don’t try to press or to control. Seek to express your feelings and do so subtly and powerfully. Show the depth of your feelings imaginatively.

The two Rogues were Laetitia and Conjunctio. They add an important dimension to that message:

Be agile.

Present the case, not yourself.

Take your ego out of the equation.



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