From Simmer To Sizzle

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th April 2015


There’s an expanding Expanding Flow and a sextile between the parent geomes Caput Draconis and Amissio this week – a sure indication that things are significantly improving.

This is a time for bringing back the connection – heck, I’ll say it – the romance in your relationships and you get to drive it. It may start innocently enough… You just take the ideas you see around you, particularly from a group or other social setting and simply be inspired. Let the good things happening around you allow you to take the armfuls of goodies on offer and bring them back home to share.

You are likely to find that someone near you is feeling a bit clingy and emotional at the moment. They might not have said anything directly but look gently in their eyes and you may see the disconnect.

Take the time necessary to find that connection again. Let matters simmer until you are ready to turn up the heat… and then go for it!

So while there might be various social obligations on you this week and you’ll be expected to do what is necessary to fulfil them, let your feelings turn to home and the ones you love.


Samantha Ombregt (CC BY 2.0)

Photo Credit: Samantha Ombregt (CC BY 2.0)


Most importantly for those closest to you, demonstrate your love in practical ways. This means avoiding doing what other people do. It also means not just acting how you think it should be done.

Do it for real – from the heart.

The flow indicates that this is a time for real inward connection with others.

The core of the casting is actually deep within that feeling: for best results take what is pleasant, perhaps some outside event in which you find yourself, and make it personal and involving for those close to you – and then get more personal still!

(This may be a metaphor for other approaches in your life, too! You might want to re-read that last line and see how you can use the Flow – the overall feeling – from this week and make it a theme you can work with).


Take control of your Destiny


This is where geomancy comes into its own! Here we get to find out the future direction of the tide…

Grab hold of the opportunities presented by the Flow this week and you’ll be surprised where personal feelings get you. Given the geomes are in the fifth and third, the Active Transform is Puer (234) with the Flow going to the first house.

So the best way to grab the Flow and work with the current will be to be charming, unstructured and unpredictable.

Let others see that you are emotionally adaptable.

Let them see that you are working towards something greater for everyone’s sake and that you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

And maybe, let them see that you don’t mind having a little fun – and romance – in getting there.

They won’t suspect that you could be so… versatile.

Be close. Unpredictably close.

Then turn it up and get set to sizzle.




There were two Rogues this week: Fortuna Minor and Populus.

Fortuna Minor warns us not to be shy of getting physical in our efforts to connect.

Populus gives a nudge that you keep the personal, well, personal!

Once the rest of the crowd see how much fun you are having they might try to get in on the act as well. Keep it close to home.



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