Growing Your Inner Garden

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 12th April 2015


Via in the eighth house (Libra) gives us a huge amount of potential for new ideas and ventures this week. That doesn’t mean this is going to be a crazy time of opportunities just flying at you. Rather you will see a number of areas beginning to bud out and develop. It will be up to you to decide which of those potential blooms you will focus on.

You’ll find there will be plenty of ideas of things to be done. Happily, almost anything you work on will yield productive results. (Sure, those results might not always be exactly what you had hoped for, but it’s better to find out sooner rather than later, right? It saves you time in the long run.)

There is a solidity to the events which unfold this week. Things will seem right and in their natural place. In the first part of the week, then, seek where best to make beautiful changes.

Change will be relatively easy. The challenge will be to select the best things to change.

Aim to make sure that any changes you make are a seamless process. They should be if you concentrate on the feeling behind them.

Grow things and build ideas around you.


In the fourth house we find the second geome, Amissio, trine to Via. This suggests that to really make those changes effective and useful for you, you should make sure that you connect (or reconnect) with close family. Make time for both long chats and brief exchanges.

Let them know they are important to you and that you love them.

It will be useful if you can calm things down. This does not imply that there will be arguments or disagreements but simply that you should aim to produce more calm than exists at present.

Take a step back. Begin to feel and create a transformation from separate parts into than overall harmony.

In some ways we can capture the theme of the Flow this week by saying we go from a beautiful transformation to transforming beauty.

… And this is where most people will stop.


Take control of your Destiny


But not the geomancer.

We know that the Flow never ends. By adding the geomes to create the Active Transform, Acquisitio (1234) in the 12th house (Aquarius) we get to go further and to capitalise on the likely future direction of the Flow.

This means that having taken the various opportunities you have externally and bringing those home to a solid home life you should then go further… You can bring those feelings of settled progress internally. Allow the creativity to blossom.

You can do this not just in your own head but by seeking to create areas of harmony for the future.

Using your intuition you will then be able to actively point yourself forward.

Create and enrich that world of your own. Open new vistas and possibilities.

You will find that if you allow your feelings of rightness and harmony to continue from the external world to your internal world you will be able to see pointers – signposts – glowing in the darkness to light your way forward.

When you get this right it will feel like you are creating a beautiful garden glimpsed through a surrounding wall. It will instinctively feel right.

Don’t be concerned if some of the themes seem a little abstract or too general to start with. You will find they develop as time goes on.

You don’t need to share your blossoming inner garden with others for the moment. In any case, they would only see a small fraction of what you do and what you can do.




There were no Rogues this week.


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