You’ve Got Something On Your Mind, But So Has Everybody Else

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st April 2014

This week we get an excellent lesson in the interpretation and power of the Oracle.

Look closely at Puella and you will see that she is identical to Caput Draconis except that the two taps at Level 2 have moved up to Level 1.

This shows a clear shift in thinking from just our local environment to consideration of the mental environment of others.  The local environmental theme is reinforced by Puella being in the third house (Gemini).  You certainly have things on your mind and you would love to get others to take action.

Unfortunately, given the fact that the geomes are square to each other, this week is likely to prove frustrating.  You might have things on your mind but so has everybody else.  The square between the geomes suggests that nobody is going to quite get what they want this week, either.

Gimmie. . .

Caput Draconis in the sixth house, unmoved since last week but now in a different sign (Virgo), means that you are going to see a marked increase in the pressure on you to perform.  This is likely to be in terms of the demands placed on you by your job.  As a side note this usually indicates that you may need to care more of your physical body, too. It might be worth looking into some new way of taking care of yourself.

Caput Draconis in the sixth means that you are going to need to develop skills and be able to deliver the goods.  And given that this is a square, if you don’t do this voluntarily then you may end up feeling pushed into doing it!  What you want is likely to get restricted by what needs to be done this week.  You’re likely to find that you are pressured to meet the challenges – demands actually – of the outside world this week.

Everybody is expecting everybody else to perform.

Take control of your Destiny

This is where we get an object lesson in interpreting the Flow for our benefit.  The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Minor (134) in the ninth house (Sagittarius):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, March, April, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Fortuna Minor (134)

Puella and Caput Draconis are concerned with matters of mental consideration.  However, you can see that the Flow is going to change towards two sets of new taps in the physical dimension (Levels 3 and 4).  You can ready yourself this in anticipation and make the most of the Flow by knowing that this will be the time to push out and to start looking for bigger opportunities to grow physically.

The pressure from the parent geomes is to plan.  You’ll feel the urge to push your plans in the external environment.  The shift in Flow will allow you to use that mental impetus but in the direction of thinking of ways to connect and grow.

Indeed, it would help to think about the ways in which you grow.  In other words, start looking for ways to expand your physical reach in the external world.  Grow how you learn.

While squares can be hard aspects you can use this to your advantage this week.  Use it to test what works.  You will get the opportunity to find out pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t.


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